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The New Frontier and Great Society

No description

Tom Anderson

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of The New Frontier and Great Society

Election of 1960
One of the closest in history
Separated by 100,000 popular votes
Focused on economy and cold war
Televised debates
75 million watched on TV
The Kennedy and Johnson Years
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
Kennedy Takes Office
Deficit Spending
Kennedy believed
lower taxes = new jobs
Expanded women's rights
Help for disabled
Led to first Special Olympics
Warren Court Reforms
Due Process
Freedom and Speech and Religion
JFK and the Cold War
Bay of Pigs
The New Frontier
Flexible Response
Cold War Crisis
Cuban Missile
Containing Communism
Berlin Wall
Peace Corps
Miranda v. Arizona
Escobedo v Illinois
more than voted in the election
Civil Rights
Brown v. Board of Education
segregation unconstitutional
Baker v. Carr & Reynolds v. Sims--
One Man, One Vote--reapportionment of voting districts
from the movie 13 Days
The Great Society
President Johnson takes the oath of office
Johnson declares War on Poverty in his first state of the Union address
Johnson's career:
teacher, Congressmen, Senator, Senate Majority leader, Vice-President, President
1964--Created the Office of Economic Opportunity
Targeted inner city youth. Programs include:
Job Corps
--provided training and jobs for unemployed ages 16 to 21
Upward Bound
--College preparatory classes and tutoring for college bound urban youth. (Mr. Anderson's first teaching job.)
--Volunteers in Service to America (a domestic Peace Corps
Work Experience Program
--provided day care for poor families
Johnson follows Kennedy's path
Johnson's Great Society
Johnson Take the Reins
After winning re-election in 1964, Johnson commits to the
Great Society
60 Programs from 1965-68
1/2 of citizens over 65 were without health insurance in 1965
Great Society was limited by money and commitment to Vietnam
What remains today?
Department of Transportation
Housing and Urban Development
Medicare & Medicaid
Headstart & others
Civil Rights Act--1964
Played at Democratic Convention in honor of Johnson's 100 birthday
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