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The Library, Math, and the Common Core

resources available through the library to create common core math performance tasks ** Use old viewer for active web links

D Leavitt

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of The Library, Math, and the Common Core

The true power of the library
is in what we can create
when we collaborate.

The Library, Math,
and the Common Core

Books are just the tip of the iceberg . . .
Sources of Performance Prompts
Where do you go to find performance prompts for your students?
Sources of Data
What do you use to find data to create new prompts to best fit the concepts you are trying to teach?
What resources do we need to advance to the next level?
Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math
Common Core Conversation
Circulation Stats
Available from your librarian including . . .
circulation by title
circulation by Dewey Subject Number
circulation by grade level
compare by month or year . . .
Link to paid databases through your school's website
Do we need to use a common social platform to create resource lists?
Are there resources we need to purchase to help support CC curriculum development?
Magazine archives can be helpful for finding data.
Add your own classes or use the library class account to access current sports statistics and news stories from The Daily News.
Consider subscribing to helpful YouTube channels.
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