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Amanda Langford

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Units for Semester 2
Unit 4: Using Recursion in Models & Decision Making(SAS#1-5,7)
Unit 5: Using Functions in Models & Decision Making(SAS#1)
Unit 6: Finance (SAS#1-6,8,10)/Portfolio
Unit 7: Network & Graphs (SAS#1,3-4)

Unit 4
SAS #1
- Form: Does the graph exhibit a linear or nonlinear pattern?
- Direction: Does the graph exhibit a positive relationship, a negative relationship, or neither
- Relative strength: Are the data points tightly clustered along the line or curve or are they more scattered?
- Variable of interest and study (other ways to analyze data)
SAS #2
SAS #3
Vertical Distance= total distance fallen + total distance risen
SAS #4
Recursive: relating to or involving the repeated application of a rule, definition, or procedure to successive results.
Function Rule: describes the relationship between each input and output.
SAS #7
-Remember the calculator steps
Unit 5
SAS #1
Unit 6
SAS #1
Singapore Flyer
Recursion & Linear Functions
Job Summary
SAS #2
Savings Accounts: Are insured and vary in the way in which interest is calculated
Certificate of Deposit: is a interest- bearing instrument that is similar to a savings account- it is insured and pays interest
SAS #3
FV= PV(1+1/n)
FV for future value
t for time
i for interest
PV for the present value
SAS #4
FV is future value
t is for time
i is for interest rate
n is for # of compounding periods per year
PV for present value
SAS #5
A cool tool steps
SAS #6
Annuity: Pays out regular payments to investor. Investment increases in value due to compound interest and increase principal.
SAS #8
Daily periodic rate: describes the interest you are paying on your credit everyday
Daily Periodic rate= APR/Day in a year
SAS #10
Buying a Losing Investment
Unit 7
SAS #1
Euler Circuits & Paths
Vertex: a point
Degree of a vertex: # of edges that meet at the vertex

SAS #3
SAS #4
We used our information to connect all the paths without backtracking
We used our information to connect all the paths without backtracking
Amanda L, Megan C, Zach B
7th Period
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