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Gay Marriage

No description

Emily Du

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage
Background Information
Issue Arising
My Opinion
Demonstration/ Discussions
Issue Arising:
Should all of North America legalize Gay Marriage?
My Opinion
By: Emily Du
God created man and woman for the sole purpose of reproducing
Defying that would offend him
The cities Sodom and Gomorrah were punished for having homosexual citizens
He rained down sulfurous fire and overthrew the cities, to punish the citizens.
Some religions find marriage to be holy, and honorable to carry on your generations, but gay marriage goes against all of it.
You don’t become gay through choice, so legalizing it won’t make everyone gay
They’re born that way
Will only affect gay couples (not like they’re going to ban heterosexual marriage)
It’s only like adding something, nothing is cut out, therefore, straight couples have nothing to lose
Legalization Will Not Affect Heterosexual Couples
Doesn't Affect Children, as Some Assume
A 2006 study made by Gregory Heck confirmed that there are no differences in children with or without gay parents
Many Christians believe gay marriage is unfulfilling, which is NOT TRUE.
A 2003 study confirmed that gay couples tend to be happier with each other, setting an example for the children
A 1990 study showed the level of understanding, honesty, flexibility and equality was greater than the average straight couple,
Sets an example for their children
Encourages Adoption
It’s biologically impossible for gay couples to have children (unless some sort of sex reassignment surgery occurred) so adoption is wanted
This solves issues for many foster homes, orphanages, etc.
In some of North America, they have too many people, so reducing that size and raising “unwanted” (orphans) children benefits the country
The adopted children will then have a future, and can grow up normally
Offends Some Religion
Advocates for this topic will use this as a bridge to accept other non traditional marriages such as
Will start a revolution, and if the advocates win, population will gradually decrease
Health in newborns will diminish as well. Ex. in incest, children usually have birth defects, due to the parents having similar DNA
Promotes Other Unnatural Marriages
The true purpose of marriage is to reproduce, but gay couples cannot reproduce (on their own) naturally
Gay couples are therefore, inefficient, and should not be entitled to marital benefits
Some parts of North America need more children, but, as gay couples cannot naturally reproduce, they are like deadweights
Without children, in the future, the country might fall apart, therefore the legalization of gay marriage is a harm to society
Defeats Purpose of Marital Benefits
What is Gay Marriage?
Being gay is to harbor romantic feelings towards someone of the same gender, in other words, being homosexual
Marriage is the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife
Being "Straight"
Heterosexuality is being "straight", or loving the opposite gender
Gay Marriage in the U.S
Currently legal in 16 states
Banned, or neutral in the other 34 states
Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage
In the summer of 2014, Illinois will be the next state to legalize gay marriage
The U.S gov't gave all 50 states the freedom of deciding the fate of gay marriage in their state
50 debates going on at once

In my opinion, we should legalize gay marriage. As said before, the majority of citizens will not be affected by the legalization of it. Homosexuality is not a decision, and is often seen as something one is born with. Allowing gay marriage all across North America will affect the gay couples, but the vast remainder of the population have nothing negative to do with it. In fact, in a 2013 survey, over half the North American population supports LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer). Surprisingly, homosexual couples tend to have better relationships with one another compared to heterosexual couples, and could set a prime example for a lot of couples in North America
Gay Marriage in Canada
Canada v.s America
Gay marriage is legal in Canada
In 1999, Canada made it legal for gay couples to co habituate, but not marry.
Legalized from 2003-2005
One case made it legal (although it was over a span of 2 years, the one case legalized it nationwide)
However, the benefits are limited and questionable
Adoption and marital benefits are not always allowed,
Can be viewed as a role model to the world
When they legalized gay marriage in 2003, no major issues occurred.
Population was maintained, and no major conflict occurred

Homosexual vs Traditional
Gay marriage is viewed as:
Fundamental civil right
Social issue
Moral issue
Political issue
Religious issue
Gay Marriage
Traditional Marriage
The "traditional" (original) type of marriage
What's expected of people to do when they grow up
The formal union of a man and a woman
Canada and America take very different paths.
In Canada, one parliament vote made it legal nationwide
In America, all 50 states are diverse with their own decisions, totaling to 50 gay marriage debates nationwide
Over half the North American population (in a 2013 survey) supports gay marriage
Canada: 66% support
America: 55% support
Empathy or Right?
Obama, the president of the U.S, supports gay rights
Wanting to marry, but being unable to do so was what he empathized with
Sympathy plays a large role in the support.
Married straight couples know the feeling of wanting to get married, and can understand their situation.
Legalizing gay marriage are like expanding rights.
Going further than traditional marriage
Similar to women's voting rights
A History of Canada's Gay Marriage System
A few decades ago (1970's), being gay was considered a crime.
Charged as sex offenders
Had to make being gay legal before trying to make gay marriage legal.
After Canada made being homosexual legal, discrimination still existed.
Gay people and couples were ridiculed
Canada in turn, put several laws in place stating the illegality of discriminating gay people.
The next big topic was gay marriage
After huge debates and arguments led by organizations supporting gay marriage, it was legalized in approx. 2003
A History of Canada's Gay Marriage System pt.2
In June 2003, Canada's gov't changed the legislature to include gay marriage
In September 2003, another vote took place to get rid of the law including gay marriage
Defenders of traditional marriage were responsible for this
In June 2005, a survey asking Canadians about their opinion on gay marriage was made, and majority of citizens agreed with legalizing it.
Gay marriage activists had won and the law was put in place again.
Do you think we should legalize gay marriage in all of North America?
Do you think we should legalize gay marriage in all of North America?
You only add gay marriage, you don't get rid of heterosexual
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