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Global Change Management

No description

Dominique DiPasqua

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of Global Change Management

So what is it? Managing cultural differences Addressing operational differences in multiple countries Coordinating a global network of stakeholders Global Change Management Cost $80-$145 billion spent annually on strategic initiatives (and failures) Employee Buy-In Poor planning, lack of skill in executing transition Can your workforce adapt and increase their effectiveness? Multi-Domestic vs.
Organizations Multidomestic Organizations Strong central control Success depends on the quality of the subgroup Multinational Organizations Host country Transnational Organization Global Integration Greater local responsiveness Transition Managing tension Avoid excessive pendulum swings Creating regional structures Changes in managerial roles and behaviors Spiral Model of Change Avoiding the pendulum Priorities shift back and forth Issues with Change Management 1 Fact free planning 2 Supervisors who fail to provide leadership 3 Skirting 4 "Project chicken" 5 Lack of support Communication! MedPharm Solutions Increase Urgency What works Demonstrating needs Providing evidence Reduce complacency Never underestimate complacency What doesn't Focusing on a rational business case Jumping to vision and strategy Believing a crisis is required Thinking you can do little Increase Urgency “On my honor, I have not given, nor received, nor witnessed any unauthorized assistance on this work.”
Ashley Wheeler Dominique Dipasqua Amanda Charbonneau Ben Parkes Norah Perez So why does it matter? Source: Tower Perrin
Build the Guiding Team Get the Vision Right Communicate for Buy-In Empower Action Create Short-Term Wins Don't Let Up Make Change Stick Build the Guiding Team Get the Vision Right Communicate for Buy-In MedPharm LLC is a generic drug company registered and incorporated under U.S. laws. MedPharm provides a full range of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic equipment and water treatment systems to NGOs and UN organizations operating in areas of conflict and in post-war relief and reconstruction activities such as those in Afghanistan, Palestine, Philippines and Iraq

Working with global communities, government officials and health care workers to provide better and more accessible health care solutions to the people who need them most. MedPharm supplies more than 650 US-made, FDA-approved generic pharmaceuticals. Mission Resistance Skeptical Employees Sense of Urgency Become the main supplier for chemicals to their parent company What works? What doesn't? Showing Enthusiasm Modeling trust and teamwork Minimize frustration United Kingdom Weak Task Force Not Confront the Situation Leaving out the head of the unit Germany United States Switzerland What Works What Doesn't Trying to see possibilities
Visions that are clear
Visions that are moving Bold Strategies Assuming logic works on it’s own Overly analytic visions Visions of “slashing costs” What works What doesn't Keeping communication simple Undercommunicating Doing your homework before communicating Speaking to anxieties Focus on important messages
Using technology Speaking as though you are the only one involved Accidently fostering cynicism Empower Action Create Short Term Wins Don't Let Up Make Change Stick Home country Host Country Home country Host country Less local responsiveness the
end. Strong central control Operate independently in local regions With depth of international experience, global vision and leadership, MedPharm has grown and is today recognized as one of the most innovative and dynamic companies providing a wide range of products and services to emerging markets , to NGOs, UN organizations, Ministries of Health and to the less privileged members of developing nations. Creative business innovations, strategic alliances and carefully nurtured partnerships have all contributed to this dynamic evolution. Vision MedPharm Challenges MedPharm A Case Study “I thought we had an agreement on the vision, but there is no sense of urgency” What Works What Doesn't
Finding the right people Optimistic and inspiring reward systems Feedback "Retooling" disempowering managers Ignoring the problem Solving the problem by taking away power One-stop removal of problems Giving in to fear What Works What Doesn't Early, visible,
unambiguous wins Meaningful wins Wins that speak to key people Cheap, easy wins compared to the larger vision Launching 100 projects at once Slow first wins Stretching the truth What Works What Doesn't Rid yourself of unnecessary work Keep urgency up Be opportunistic Show 'em, show 'em, show 'em! Rigid plans and timelines Thinking "We've won. We're done." Avoiding more embedded issues Exhausting yourself What works What doesn't New employee orientation Promote those who embrace the new norms Tell the stories Continuity of behavior and results False reliance to hold the change in place Step one:
culture change Communication
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