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The Heineken Global Strategy

No description

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The Heineken Global Strategy

Global Strategy
A company with a successful
Transnational Strategy
Heineken's Key Global Markets
Emerging markets are currently the principal source of volume growth:
Heineken has increased the volume of beer sold in emerging markets from 2007 to 2012
Domestic competition as well as acquisitions of small domestic players from big brewers pose a threat
Heineken engages in innovation and investment on local brands
Heineken's Stakeholders
CSR and Sustainability Issues
Who are the Stakeholders?
NGOs, International Organizations & Industry Associations
Decrease environmental impact
Empower employees and communities
Impact upon role of beer in society
Increase transparency
More 'responsible drinking' initiatives
CSR Strategy
A company with a
Hybrid Organisational Structure
Regional operations:
115 brewing plants in 70 countries
International and local brands
Centralised & decentralised:
International brands are standardised
Local brands are decentralised
Acquisition driven:
Acquire major shares in local breweries with strong national brand equity
A globally recognised brand trying to adjust locally through:
Holistic Marketing
Highest ever scores in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index,Carbon Disclosure Project and Dutch government ‘Transparantie Benchmark’
Membership of the FTSE4Good sustainable investment group
= Responsible Consumption + Water + Sourcing + Reducing Carbon Emissions
Sustainability Challenges
Achievements in 2012
Key Stakeholder Concerns
Never stop the search for new markets
Find innovative ways to sell beer
Be less dependent from mature and saturated markets
Keep the localised marketing strategy
Increase "green" efforts and transparency for stakeholder
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