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NBA Shooting Guard

First part of cullins class

Tristan Rydzik

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of NBA Shooting Guard

Reggie Miller was a NBA Shooting Guard and he was proably the best ever at this positon. NBA Shooting Guard A shooting Guard has to help the point guard and they mostly score all the teams points with either shooitng jumpshots and driving to the hoop A shooting guard has alot responsiblties becuase they could either have to hit the game winner or shut down the other teams best player from hitting a game winner. You can go to any college but most shooting guard that get drafted
attend a Division I school The nice part is that the average salary for a nba player is $18.39 million which is not the highest amount you could get paid! Most Nba players average of playing in the league for atleast 15 years unless and injury ends there carrer. Shooting Guards are needed all over the world to play for teams so almost every country will have a team that needs a shooting guard. That was a picture of isearl shooting Guard Raviv Limonad A shooting Guard does not use a specific technolgy everyday but everyday there are learning new plays The most common customer a shooting guard faces are there fans signing there jersey or pictures. This job is not really a business so
any NBA player only has to deal with
there sponsors a company that will
sell there shoes and athletic aperal. Some common proebelms an nba player has
is contract deals if they arent happy with
there deal and how much there getting paid
then thats a probelm for them so they are
going to nogociate with the teams gM The math used in the nba is point scored,
assist and all the stats in a season, carrer and in the year. But all those stats are not done by the nba player but they do study them and try and improve in areas. Some written and verbal skills that they need is communication with the staff, family and fans. This was created by Tristan Rydzik There is not a specific Education need to be an NBA
Shooting Guard you have to go to college for atleast
one year due to a nba rule but after one year you can
declare for the draft
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