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Greek vs. Mimbres Pottery

compare - contrast

Onchanok Nawapruek

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Greek vs. Mimbres Pottery

Mimbres Pottery Prehistoric Native American, from C.E. 200 - 1350,
which is now southwestern New Mexico. Greek Pottery Styles
geometric (900-725 BCE)
oriental (725-600 BCE)
black-figure (600-480 BCE)
red-figure (530-480 BCE)
white ground (480-430 BCE) geometric & oriental black-figure red-figure white ground Types
storage and transport vessels
mixing vessels
jugs and cups
oil and perfume vases storage vessel mixing vessel
(for mixing wine) oil/perfume vase developed throughout 3000-300 BCE
wide range of shapes and sizes
include abstract, historical, and nythological designs Styles
use abstract motifs
imagery of animals and human figures
geometric patterns
triangles and circles are often used most were found in burials
include variety of religiously symbolic animals
8% fish, 22% birds, 15%reptiles, 26% rabbit
human depiction is only 7%
most of human figures are in ceremonial or mythical scene
rabbit fish bird reptile human Compare
Geometric patterns were used for both types of pottery
Black glaze was used to paint the figures on the pot
The white ground technique from Greek pottery created a similarity with the black-on-white technique where both used white as the background
Human and animal were used as the content for both Greek and Mimbres pottery
Both types of pottery show spiritual beliefs in each cultulre Contrast
Greek pottery has more sizes and shapes
Greek pottery is designed according to its use, while most of Mimbres pottery are bowls
Greek pottery has variety of colors and more detailed compared to Mimbres pottery
Animals and human were used as religious symbolisms and motifs in Mimbres pottery
More human were used in Greek pottery, while Mimbres pottery focus more on animals
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