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The Storming of Bastille

No description

Lisa Lee

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Storming of Bastille

The Storming of Bastille

By Lisa Lee

Hour 3 Research Question : What is Bastille? July 14, 1789 Why did the Storming of Bastille have such a great impact on the French Revolution, and what was the cause of this horrific event? -Bastille was a medieval fortress with eight towers that held prison mates inside of it during the French Revolution. July 14, 1789 - Eventually the mob broke through the defenses. They killed the commander, and five guards.

-The people went to Bastille to find weapons, and to protest for their freedom, and opposition to high taxes.

-They also freed 7 prisoners, but they found no weapons. July 13, 1789 - On this day the third estate secretly organized 48,000 soldiers to control movement by the people.

-They were given specific directions to only follow whatever the King wanted, or said. Panic, Terror, and emigres Life Today -Its was constructed to defend the eastern wall of Paris in 1382. <- - - The medieval fortress ; Bastille Saint - Antoine (Proper name) - On this day Paris stopped the meeting of the National Assembly in Versailles.

-Rumors of troops overtaking the capital flooded the streets. -More than 800 Parisians stood outside Bastille and demanded weapons and gun powder.

-The commander of Bastille refused to open the gates
and instead opened fire on the crowd. < - - The mob at Bastille. - - -> The estate meeting getting out of hand. < - - -The National Guard for France roaming the streets . The storming of Bastille. The gruesome
battle. - - - > -Nobles were afraid of what was happening at Bastille.
Some had little information and were terrified of a revolution or war.

-Many people who didn't know what was going on fled
the country as emigres French emigres fleeing the
country . - - - > Impact of Bastille - Within a few hours of capturing and surrounding Bastille
the Huguenots began to look at Bastille as a revolutionary symbol. - Every year on July 14th France celebrates Bastille Day as a day of independence with fireworks, and a military parade. -Without the storming of Bastille France would
have never gotten their freedom and independence. -The storming of Bastille was the spark to the French Revolution. It made the people realize that they can revolt and possibly win.

-If the storming of Bastille
didn't happen, the chances of the
French Revolution occurring
would have been much lower.
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