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Entertaining Beginnings

No description

Kelsie Limner

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Entertaining Beginnings

How do we make
Entertaining Beginnings? Hi. My name is Billy. I am going to tell you a story about a time I went into a haunted house... Do you want to keep reading this story? How can we make this story more interesting? Stories should begin with something that grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to keep reading until the book is complete.There are four basic ways to make an entertaining beginning.

1. Noise
2. Dialogue
3. Thought/Question
4. Action Ahhh! Examples of Noise BORING! Boom! Screech! Oooooo! Crack! Bang! Now it's your turn! What types of sounds would you hear in a haunted house? Stuck? Listen to this! Dialogue Dialogue is a conversation between two or more people. Beginning a story with dialogue can help draw in the reader's attention. Dialogue is always surrounded by quotation marks. "quotation marks" -"Joey, did you hear that?"

-"Hey Joey, have you ever been inside that house before?"

-"Don't open that door!" Examples of Dialogue Now it's your turn... Come up with some dialogue that you think might be said when in a haunted house. In five minutes, we will share what we have written with the rest of the class. Thoughts/Questions By using thoughts or questions as a story beginning, you can show what the character is thinking or feeling. What are some thoughts that might run through your head if you stepped inside an old, haunted house on a crisp, fall night? Hmm...I wonder. Here are some that I came up with... What am I doing here? I wasn't nervous at first, but now I'm shivering with fear!
I wonder if that shadow in the window was just a bird. Or was it a ghost?
Who just touched me?! I could have sworn something just brushed my hand... Action It is often exciting to begin a story by putting a character right in the middle of action. They may be doing something interesting and relevant to the story. What could someone do at a haunted house? Whimper Gasp Scream Crouch Dash Hide Stare Now try turning these actions into sentences... Billy whimpered in the corner after he ran away from the shadows that were chasing him.
A book crashed to floor right in front of Amelia which caused her to scream.
Something dashed in front of the old, rickety piano and made Cecilia jump in fear. Your turn! Let's review! What are the four ways to make an entertaining beginning?
1. Noise/Sound
2. Dialogue
3. Thought/Question
4. Action Who can give me an example of each? Now it's your turn! Write me a story of a time you went into a haunted house on a chilly, night in October using one of these entertaining beginnings. If you finish, write another story using a different type of beginning than the one you used first. Inspiration GOOD LUCK!
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