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Final 2nd Project

No description

Jordan Cass

on 9 July 2018

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Transcript of Final 2nd Project

Work in Progress
The Vision
Cargo Motors Exclusive - Edenvale
Jordan Cass
Looking Forward
To become South Africa's pioneer in Online Motor Retail
KPIs and Measures
Pilot Program
Concentrate online
Zero walk in reliance
Virtual tours to test drives/sales
Increase leads = More Volume & Higher GP
Income Statement
Sales Process - Slick & Simple
1) View the car online through virtual tours & personalized sales interactions to answer any questions
a) Our social media will always direct people to our website. eg. Instagram.

2) Financial application will be done through an app

3) Trade in; encourage customers to use Sell your car
We will talk to Lee to make our Sell your car look more like Wheelee.

4) If the client is serious he/she will come to our dealer to get their license/ID scanned, drop off any
outstanding documents and to do a final inspection of their trade-in.

5) Payment will be done online. All signing that can be done online will be.
Client to meet F&I to sign necessary documents in person.

6) Once completed the car will be prepped for delivery and the client will collect his/her new baby

*Our goal is to do as much as we can online that is possible.
Minimizing our clients time spent at the dealership, allowing our salespeople to focus on more sales
Instagram Selling Process
Trade in Process
'It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change'
# of Website views
# of Website leads/conversions
# of Facebook page likes
# of Facebook leads/conversions
# of Instagram following
# of Instagram leads/conversions
# of 3rd party leads/conversions
Consumer ratings of the new experience
The next step
Sub site
Lead page
Imperial Auto
Promote FB page
3rd party platforms
Nomhle marketing ideas
Create an Instagram page
Start creating benchmarks for our leads
Poster at Uber office and other hot spots
Action Plan
1) Create a photo booth downstairs for all our photos to be taken (lighting/banner wall)
2) Detailed interior and exterior photos to be taken of all our stock
3) Send these to Imperial Auto, Autotrader and Cars to improve our online image
4) Tailor our website to be user experience focused
5) Talk to our salespeople- explain our vision and how we want them to conduct business
6) Strongly encourage our customers to follow our online presence to buy their next car

Keeping within the parameters of this project, we kept limited capital expenditure in mind when creating the plan.

Our goal is to create an online corporate image standard that Cargo Motors will follow.
Car Photos
Stock Portals
3rd Party Platforms


11 units sold

6 leads
, 2 walk-ins, 1 call in, 1 existing, 1 referral

July: 8

August: 11
Cargo Motors Exclusive

Grand Central
Financial Application - App
The End Goal
We do not want to miss the boat of moving online

We want to make our online experience the best in the South African motor industry

Cargo Motors app with; News, new, used, finance, trade in, salespeople, contact us (our website will have all this too)

To have the majority of our business done online through the app or website

A photo booth that all our new cars are sent to and then kept in a storage facility, thus reducing the size of our brick and mortar presence and our overheads, without sacrificing sales volume

Minimize overheads & Maximize profits

Threats to our survival
Business cards - 10 July, 2018
Website - 13 July, Final revisions
Wallpaper - 13 July, 2018

The rest of the missing items will be realized while operating in the premises
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