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Khon Kaen University International College

No description

Roengchai Ratchapol

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Khon Kaen University International College

Khon Kaen University
Khon Kaen University
Established in 25 January 1964
As a public research university in Thailand. It was the first university established in Northeastern Thailand and remains the oldest and largest university in the region.
22 Faculties and Colleges
More than 2,200 academic staffs and 8,500 supporting staffs
40,000 students
340 study programs (101 Undergraduate programs, 138 in Masters Degree programs,77 in Doctoral Degree programs and 24 Graduate Diploma programs)
43 International programs 

Khon Kaen University International College
International College, Khon Kaen University, recently established in 2007 in accordance with the university's strategic plan, aims at being the leading international education center for the country especially the northeastern region of Thailand and for Asia region. 

Why To Study At KKUIC
We use English as a tool for learning
International environment such as foreigner teachers and foreigner class mates
English communication environment
Khon Kaen University facilities
Working abroad after graduated
Master degree abroad
Scholarship during studying and master degree
New friends from other regions around the world
International courses
One of the best international College North East Region of Thailand
Located in center of North East Thailand

International College
Khon Kaen University International college provides 5 programs:

Global Business (GB)
International Marketing (IM)
International Affairs (IA)
Tourism Management (TM)
Multimedia Technology and Animation (MTA)
KKUIC Programs
Global Business (GB)
Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Global Business (B.B.A.)
Subject and purpose
Knowledge and understanding of international business
Modern global business management 
Different cultural backgrounds related to international business management.
Capable of utilizing skills and ability in thinking, analysis, synthesis and application of knowledge related to business management in international organizations.
Focus on all fields of international business
Working in business field
Import & Export

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in International Marketing (B.B.A.)
Subject and purpose
Knowledge and understanding of international business
Modern global marketing strategy and market place analysis 
Different cultural backgrounds related to international marketing strategy and concept
Capable of utilizing skills and ability in thinking, analysis, synthesis and application of knowledge related to marketing plan, strategic, market place, brand and marketing research
Focus on marketing in international business
Brand management
Marketing research and analysis

International Marketing (IM)
International Affairs (IA)
Bachelor of Arts Program in International Affairs (B.A.)
Subject and purpose
Knowledge of the current global situation, international relations issues and common issues at international level related to economical, political and social development.
Capable of applying knowledge in their work concerning international relations in various organizations on the basis of understanding the cultural differences, ways of life and society of each country for sustainable development.
International relation manager
International analysis for company

Tourism Management (TM)
Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management (B.A.)
Subject and purpose
Possesses a thorough understanding of Tourism Management and all related fields as well as a broad knowledge of history, language, culture, modus vivendi, and resource management, all of which would be beneficial to the tourism industry.
Has the skills and expertise in the areas of tourism and hospitality at both national and international level.
Hotel industry
Tourism business
Tour company
Flight Attendant
Multimedia Technology and Animation (MTA)
Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and Animation ( B.Sc.)
Subject and purpose
 Multimedia Technology and Animation as well as other relevant subjects such as: Art, Design, Psychology, and Human and Computer Relations.
Computer technology and communication, production technology, development and adaptation in animation and multimedia as applied to different systems. Moreover, they are also expected to be able to work in a professional workforce.
Computer graphic designer : Art, logo and web site
Application maker
Multimedia producer
Program developer
Activities at KKUIC
Extra-Curricular Activities and Field Trip
Cultural trip
Education field trip
Sport activities
Exchange programs
With alliance universities in EU and Asia

Internships and Cooperative Education
Students required working as an integral part of your studies by enrolling in a cooperative or internship program. Students may be permitted to work off campus or in other countries.

countries, students may have financial support from Khon Kaen University due to ASEAN community in 2015.

One and half month to 3 months

4 months
Facilities at KKU
Fitness and Gym
Sport club
Shooting club
Food court
Financial aid
Free shuttle bus around university
With Student ID you can access to internet with wifi around university and dormitory in university’s area.
Khon Kaen university dormitory
Private dormitory under control of Khon Kaen University

Tuition and Fees
Study Program Tuition Fees / Per semester

Thai Students International Students

B.A. in International Affairs 40,000 baht 50,000 baht

B.A. in Tourism Management 40,000 baht 50,000 baht

B.B.A. in Global Business 40,000 baht 50,000 baht

B.B.A. in International Marketing 40,000 baht 50,000 baht

B.Sc. in Multimedia Technology and Animation 50,000 baht 60,000 baht

Admission Fee (One time payment) 10,000 Baht / program (The 1st semester of 1st year)
Pre-English Course Registration 18,000 Baht / time (For the persons who do not pass English test but within the criteria of International College admission)
For More Information : www.ic.kku.ac.th
Student Admission
Completed high school (12 years of study) or equivalent OR studying in the final semester of grade 12 or equivalent with
GPA 2.5 minimum

Meet the following English language requirements:
IELTS (5.5 minimum overall band score),
TOEFL (61 iBT, 500 paper, 173 computer, or TOEIC 650 minimum)
SAT (1,000 minimum)
OR pass the KKUIC English Admission Test
When to apply

Khon Kaen University Quota (Every year on October)
Thailand admission (On April)
KKUIC Admission
6 January - 1 April (For first semester)
1 May - 30 June (For second Semester)

Philipp Hacker
International Marketing Year 2009
GPA 3.98
Activities at KKUIC :
7th and 8th European Union Debate Tournament
Student Union and KKUIC Marketing Team
KKU Ambassador and KKU Google Ambassador
Awarded for wearing proper uniform
MOU between ingolstadt university (Germany) and KKUIC
Feeling with KKUIC :
KKUIC not only gave me the basic knowledge needed to survive in today's competitive world. KKUIC provided me with far more. Not only got I advanced knowledge in certain subject i was interest in, but many of the lecturers gave me also the trust needed to gain greater confidence. I can truly say that I owe my lecturers of KKUIC a lot.
Internship :
Project Coordinator
at CRM Charity. Promoting Google Apps for Education in Thailand.
Work :
Assistant Manager
at a Consulting Company.
My duties range from Sales/Consulting to Event management, HR and more.

Sunny Chawla
Global Business Year 2007
GPA 3.75
Activities at KKUIC :
Freshy boy
Awarded for wearing proper uniform
KKUIC union president
Basketball player
Meeting with US ambassador
Feeling with KKUIC :
I personally think that KKUIC is like my second home, I had a great time there, get lot of experiences from professional teacher. KKUIC completely change my vision about business as I use to think how simple it is to how fun and how big opportunity I can get from it.
Internship :
to do internship in Japan for 2 months
Work :
Project Manager
at Venetian Pattaya, The real estate project

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