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Tecnology in Reverse Logistics

The Role of ICT in Reverse Logistics: A Hypothesis of RFID Implementation to Manage the Recovery Process.

Camilo Magnabosco

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Tecnology in Reverse Logistics

Double click anywhere & add an idea Used products as a valuable resource:
- Refurbish
- Remanufactory
- Recycle
...opening the route to extended profits Which products are suitable for reverse logistics? - Three product characteristics seem to be relevant:
use-pattern Product Characteristics Model: RFID Support for the Recovery Process What is the strategy?
• to increase the services to the customer;
• to trace the life of the product and to gather information related to the life of the product (use behaviours, malfunctions, etc.) ;
• to maintain the contact with the customer, and increase the fidelity to the brand;
• to manage the activities of recovery in definite periods;
• to stimulate the up-selling;
• to check the defectiveness of the product;
• to check the state of the sales in real time. CASE in test phase: boilers manufactory from Italy


The strengths of RFID system:
- to increase the recovered products;
- to simplify the operations of collecting and sorting;
- to simplify the operations of disassembling;
- and reduce the quantity of toxic components scattered in the environment.

The weakness for RFID system:
- a unique identification system is needed; - - the system of coding has to be shared among all the manufacturers of a particular good; - - the firm needs an organizational change; -- - products with an high level of modularity are needed. Gracias,

Camilo RFID:Radio-Frequency IDentification
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