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Nobelle Wines

No description

Nicøle Renee

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Nobelle Wines

Personal Selling
Measures of Success
Facebook: track increase in likes, comments, shares, and followers
Mailchimp: show how many people receive Nobelle’s emails and how many people click on the link to visit Nobelle’s website
Measure the growth of wine club members and increase in wine sales
Pre/Post Implementation - Awareness Survey

Background / Primary Marketing Challenge
Research Methods
Situation Analysis
Social Media

We believe that by utilizing a combination of Nobelle's current resources, new resources available to them by hiring an intern, and following our suggested timeline of implementation for the tasks which we have recommended, Nobelle will successfully be able to achieve their objectives of:
1. Increasing Awareness by 50% in one year
2. Growing Wine Club Membership from 10 to 200 in one year

Cost Analysis
Intern: $720-1,080 (10-15 hours per weekfor 8 weeks @ $9 per hour)
Print Advertising: $299 + $15 + $80 = $394
2CheckOut (e-commerce): 2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction
Chamber of Commerce: $305 per year
Gifts for Wine Club Members: Situation-based
Charity Event: Situation-based
Events : Situation-based

Total: Approximately $1,419 - $1,779 for implementation

2 for 1 Tasting Cards
Tasting Sheet
Content Marketing
Print Advertising
Wine Club
Demonstrate value
Position and differentiate yourself
Why Nobelle?
Tell a memorable story (58% values story)
Develop relationships / Make connections!
Hotels and Wine RV Resorts
Attend important Wine Events
Attracting New Members
Keep Existing Members Happy
Situation Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Industry Advertising Trends
Wine Club
Consumer Survey
Pismo Wine Shop
Tin City Competitors
Lindsey & Sebastien Questionnaire
SWOT Analysis
Nobelle Wines
Success at wine shows
Great product
Talented winemaker who is actually from France
Rare varietals not offered by competitors: Marsanne and Walnut Wine
Sales Distribution Rep - Nunno Wine Storage
Attend more wine events
Tin City tasting room potential
In fastest growing wine region in California
Local promotions i.e. Restaurant Month
Create and maintain blog
Print advertising in wine RV resorts and hotels
Saturated market -- over 200 wineries in Paso
Drought and water restrictions
Slow tourism season
New government regulations
Larger events cost more to attend
Main competitors: Aaron Wines, MCV, Nicora, Jacob Toft, and Clos Solene
Target Market
Upper middle class
35-65 years
High disposable income
Locals and tourists
External Uncontrollables
Competitor Analysis
"Easter is just around the corner, and that means Easter egg hunts, sweet chocolates from the Easter bunny, and you guessed it, wine! Our 2012 Bella Riviere Marsanne will pair excellently with your delicious Easter brunch. Start off with classic Deviled Eggs, perfect for the holiday and remember to add that extra paprika for that kick! For the appetizer, enjoy a smoked trout salad with creamy cucumbers, scallions, and dill. And for the entree, this easy and quick ginger and thyme-brined pork loin dish will leave you breathless with savory goodness."
Update blog Regularly
Posts from Winemaker
"Behind the Scenes"
Consistent with other Print Advertising
Keep Wine List Updated
Nobelle Wines specializes in small production of French varietals in the style and spirit of a small Burgundy producer. Winemaker Sébastien Noël selectively chooses specialty grapes from vineyards in the Paso Robles AVA and Monterey County in California’s Central Coast, where they are nurtured in congruence with the land.

Challenge = Nobelle Wines needs to differentiate themselves in a highly saturated market. Their challenge is to establish their unique selling proposition and expand this message to their target market consumers, industry partners, and distributors
Clear, tangible incentives - advertise all discounts, promotions, and perks
Sell benefits of wine club at every event
Have printed flyer
Referral Program - refer friends to receive a discounted bottle of the newest wine
Welcome gesture - recipe cards, bottle opener
Exclusive discounts - 50% value this
Exclusive events - Dinner with winemaker
Exclusive wine - 39% value this
Open communication
Loyalty Program - show appreciation to members with special message and promotion
- Combination of :
1. Current resources
2. Intern
3. Suggested Timeline

Hire an Intern
60.98% use winery websites on a regular basis

Saves time to focus on other facets of the business

Interns challenge the way things have always been done; challenge processes to bring new ideas to the company

Young professionals have ease of use with technology

Trial period to witness their skills & work ethic --> may choose to bring them on as a full time employee later on

An interested candidate is seeking experience to use on their resume. Giving the intern real, meaningful work will simultaneously benefit them & will help the organization run smoother, accomplish more

Hiring intern helps spread word about your company. If valuable experience will talk about it with classmates, friends & family members - essentially free advertising!

- We recommend following our suggested two tier implementation process:
- Prioritize & delegate
- Tier 1: Begin implementation
- Tier 2: Expand as you see a return on your investment
Goals & Objectives
Primary social media platform used by target market
74% of of online adults use social networking sites
71% of online adults use Facebook (Pew Research Center)
Establish a relationship with target market
Make every post count: focus on offering something valuable / interesting to your audience
Like and reply back to comments
Create events and invite people to attend
Actively post
Example: article pairing food and wine

1. Increase Awareness by 50% in one year
2. Grow Wine Club from current 10 members to 200 in one year
Project Objectives

- Nobelle approached us with marketing goals to increase awareness of their brand, increase distribution and grow their wine club

- We mutually agreed upon our project focus:
> increase awareness
> grow wine club

- Distribution would be handled by Nobelle's recently hired Sales Representative from Nunno Wine Storage
Deliver a marketing plan to Nobelle Wines displaying research, recommendations & implementation for how they can achieve the following specific business marketing objectives:
Always include a Call to Action:
Social Media
Wine Club Sign Up
Wine Purchase
Subject Line
ex. instead of "Happy Holiday" put "A Holiday Treat - Shipping Included"
1 consistent print ad for events, shows, tasting room etc.
Billfold Wine Brochures
Professionally Designed and Printed
1,000 for $299 ~ same as printing
Weekly Roundup
Food and Wine Pairing
Videos and other Media
A regional chamber of SLO County
1,400 members, representing 36,000 employees
Membership cost is $55 initiation fee plus a $250 yearly membership
Online publicity, print and radio ads, and connections come with the membership fee
Great way to increase awareness in SLO County

“We are always very excited to welcome wineries as new members we refer out to wine tasting venues every day. We get 75,000 visitors and locals through our visitor center each year and this is one of our top questions we get asked.”
Chamber of Commerce
Mobile Applications
Wine Reviews
Charity Events
Online grocery sales: $41.6 billion
Online purchases on smartphone/tablet increased 5% to $37.4 billion
2016 = 174 million mobile shoppers
Online wine sales have doubled in the last 5 years
These consumers buy high-quality wine from small, family-owned wineries
Wine reviews are heavily debated on the subjectivity of the reviews and the applicability of the scores to the general wine consumer population.

Sales trends have shown that wines with higher ratings (90 points and above) will be more popular in comparison with lower rated wines (70 to 80 points).

Thank You
Awareness Tracking
How familiar are you with Paso Robles French Wine?

Have you ever heard of Nobelle Wines?

Have you ever purchased a bottle(s) from Nobelle Wines?

Are you a member of Nobelle’s Wine Club?

Demographic questions (age, gender, income level, geographic location)

Festival Mosaic: "Favorite Wineries" program

Woods Humane Society: "Wine for Paws"

Chamber of Commerce: monthly events

Event Postcard
Distribute to RV Resorts and Hotels
$15 for 250 at local print shop
Send out in time to get RSVP and have attendees make plans
$80 for 250 in full color
Tin City Competitors
Pismo Wine Shop
Lindsey & Sebastien Questionnaire
Brand Message & Identity
To create one strong, consistent brand identity
Key commonalities:
quality, high-end wine, authentic French winemaker produces classic, traditional wine.
consumer touched by wine, interested, delighted
Brand description:
luxurious, classic
Wine attributes:
rare, user friendly (easy to enjoy)
How the brand is unique:
authentic French winemaker, something different

Key: Consistency
Across all platforms
Social media
1 primary Pantone color (blue)
2 secondary colors (like white & black)
2 font families (1 primary, 1 secondary)
Use key commonalities from Questionnaire

What you do
How you do it
Why you do it
Customer will recognize brand
Will identify with brand
....Brand loyalty
Situation Analysis Continued
Baby Boomers have reached the age of retirement, so even though they are willing to pay more for wine, they are consuming less

Millennials reaching adulthood have showed preferences for both foreign wine and lower, discounted priced wine.

There are many governmental barriers concerning alcohol, including ABC laws, interstate distribution, and labeling laws.

Drought of California has caused the county to enact water restrictions, which may influence the growth and health of the grapes.
Jacob Toft
Competitor Analysis
Aaron Wines
Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Clos Solene
Competitor Analysis
Price range of wines: $48.00-$53.00
GSM 2012: Grenache-Syrah-Mourdevre
Buxom 2012: Syrah, Grenache
Euphoric 2012: Grenache, Syrah
Russell Family 2012: Syrah, Mourvedre
Shadow Canyon: Syrah
Undisclosed 2013: Viognier, Roussanne
2009 vintage: over 90 points from the
Rhone Report
for Euphoric and Buxom
Facebook is updated regularly but tweets are not as frequent
Participant at Garagiste Festival
Vintages from 2009-2011 have been given scores and are avidly displayed and accessible
Newsletter, Wine Club
Tin City tasting room
Part of Garagiste Festival
Posts on Facebook are not updated -- last post was July 2014
Mailing list but lacking wine club
Produced 600 cases last vintage
2010 vintage: 90 points from Robert Parker and sold out in first day it was released
Only wine sold online is 2013 Cuvee (sold out)
No tasting room
Available at Artisan and Villa Creek
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updated regularly
Garagiste Festival
Paso Zinfandel Festival Weekend
Winemaker dinners
2011 and 2013 wines reviewed
Short film "Clos Solene" featured in Santa Barbara and SLO Film Festivals
Wines for club members only are obscured
Select wines exclusively sold to club members
2013 Hommage Blanc: Syrah blend
2012 Cuvee Jean
Tasting room in Tin City
Tin City tasting room
2011 1105: Petite Sirah, Syrah, Grenache
2012 1105: Petite Sirah, Syrah, Grenache, Viognier
2012 Red: Petite Sirah, Grenache, Syrah
2013 Pink: Petite Sirah, Grenache, Syrah, Tannat
Not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
Garagiste Festival
Tin City tasting room
Wine Club
Active Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles
Winemaker dinner
2011 Petite Sirah
2011 Trespasser: Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Grenache, Mourvedre
2012 Sand & Stone: Petite Sirah, Grenache, Syrah
2013 Aequorea Viognier, Spanish Springs Vineyard
2013 Aequorea Pinot Gris, Spanish Springs Vineyard
2012 Aequorea Pinot Noir, Seafarer
2012 Aequorea Pinot Noir, Spanish Springs Vineyard
Wine Spectator
Wine Advocate
Increasingly important for small businesses
Increases customer satisfaction and sales
Need to implement in order to compete
Took two weeks to order from Nobelle,
this would be instant
3rd Party Payment Processors
No monthly or set up fees
Example: 2CheckOut
Inexpensive: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Almost all of Nobelle's competitors have e-commerce
95.12% use winery websites to find information about wine
That being said...
Consumers can check the status of an order or view their account history
Norton secured
Exclusivity (must create an account to buy wine)
Shopping cart function
Press/review page
Ability to schedule tastings right on the website
Events page
Shopping cart feature
Consistent theme
Press/reviews page
Member login
In-depth tasting notes and pairings on the wine page
User-friendly contact & newsletter sign up
Shopping cart feature
Shopping cart function
Crisp photos
Login for wine club members
We recommend Nobelle take elements from it's competitors & incorporate these in a new website layout:
- Shopping Cart function - Events page
- Press/review page - Crisp, clean layout
Direct Competitors
Other Local Wineries
Not updated consistently
Mostly News Releases
Updated 1 or 2 times a week
Links to social media and website
Sign up for e-mails
Variety of Posts
Links to buy wine
Tablas Creek
Include links to Buy Wine & Sign up for Wine Club
Sextant Brochure
Sample Brochure
Tin City competitors interviewed: Nicora, Aaron Wines, Clos Solene
Contacted by Phone & Email
Key Findings:
Have all been in business between 6-13 years
Aaron Wines and Clos Solene have been in tin city since August, while Nicora has been there for 1.5 years
All expressed that their success was produced from passion, hard-work, and long days
They have all poured in tasting rooms before
Despite being very happy with the location, none of them have noticed an increase in sales, or have had difficulty in measuring the difference
Their busiest times are the Spring and Fall
They all work to make their wine unique and special
Seems Nobelle would fit in perfectly in Tin City because of it’s unique story and wine
However, interview results show it is inconclusive whether or not opening a tasting room in Tin City would increase sales
Extremely low brand awareness
Lack of funding
Poor communication between internal parties
Skipped production this year
Wine Club - only 10 members
Lack brand consistency
Current Website
New Website (mock-up)
Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
Brand consistency is essential

1. Establish your consistent brand message
2. Consistently present this message across
marketing and promotional channels

Result: Customers will recognize and identify with Nobelle Wines brand
To be featured in wine shop, provide tastings for the owners
Opened bottles are poured for customers
Additional option to increase brand awareness
Distinguish Rhone Style Wine
Checks their email regularly:
- Social Media Management tool
- Schedule posts in advance
Plan Ahead
Keep account actively engaged in just a few clicks
Save time --> focus on other facets of business
- Free to use - just create an account
- Provided you with detailed instructions on how to use
- Manage account via dashboard
- How often to post:
FB is a low volume/high value network (Constant Contact)
Focus on quality not quantity
Min: 3x week
Max: 10x week
(Adjust based on audience engagement)

Purely Domestic Wine Report
Please know there is no assurance it will receive a review after tasting, dependent on quality (<80 points), or condition (NR)
Every effort will be made to taste and evaluate the wine within a reasonable time of receiving it and incorporate in an upcoming release
Deliver to Santa Rosa, California
Overview: Robert Parker's Wine Advocate Submission Process

Add winery to the Wine Advocate Producer database by submitting producer and wine information via the Enter Wine Advocate Producer Data link
Reviewers will email producers in this Wine Advocate Producer database to submit samples
Producers will send samples directly to Reviewers (according to each Reviewer's mailing instructions) or make arrangements for cellar tastings (as needed) with Reviewers.
Survey Results
Jacob Toft
Clos Solene
Nicora Wines
MCV Wines
Average Age: 45-59 (61%)
Alcohol Purchased: Beer (83%) Wine (96%) Sparkling wine (56%) mixed drinks (74%)
French Varietals Consumed: yes (62%)
French Varietals Purchased: Cabernet Sauvignon (82%) Chardonnay (76%) Pinot Noir (76%) Syrah (76%)
Wineries Purchased From: Tablas Creek (51%) Justin Winery (58%) Opolo Vinyards (56%)
Average Wine Bottles Purchased: 3-4 (24%) 5-7 (26%) 10+ (19%)
Average Monthly Spending: $26-50 (16%) $51-100 (22%) $101-150 (22%)
Wine Clubs: 0 (35%) 1-2 (44.8%) 3-4 (12.8%)
Values Winery Story: Somewhat important (58%)
Important That Winemaker is French: Somewhat important (21%) Does not matter (50%)
Price range: Just right (61%)
Likely to Purchase vs. Likely to Join Wine Club

Tier One
Tier Two
Current Nobelle Email
Q16 [a] Which of the following do you use on a regular basis? Please choose all that apply from Column A. [b] Which of the following do you use to find information about wine? Please choose all that apply from column B.
Aaron Wines
Likely to Purchase
Paid Internship:
- Minimum Wage - $9 / hr
- 10-15 hours / week
How to find the best candidate?
-Mustang Jobs
-Distribute to Wine & Viticulture, Marketing & GRC Students
Post Application
Each submission consists of two bottles of wine and a completed Sample Information Form
All samples must have U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)-approved front and back labels on them
We require suggested retail bottle price and the number of cases produced
The grape varieties used in a blend, if not listed on the label
The percentage of residual sugar, if any, in the wine
We cannot return bottles submitted as tasting samples.
Wines from California, Washington, Oregon, Australia and New Zealand are reviewed in our Napa office. You can reach the tasting coordinators at napatastings@mshanken.com or (707) 299-3999.
Wine Enthusiast
Wine submitted to Santa Barbara location (Matt Kettmann)
There is no fee for participation in our tasting and review program
Submitters provide two bottles of each wine
The wine must be the final product, with current vintage, approved labeling and packaging.
All wine sample shipments must contain a completed wine sample submission form. The form can be found on our Web site
Our research, recommendations & implementation for Nobelle Wines are as follows....
Full transcript