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Western Tech- Health Science Technology (HST) Prezi by Brittnee Alford

Briefly describes HST's program features, required student skills, application process, and curriculum.

Brittnee Alford

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Western Tech- Health Science Technology (HST) Prezi by Brittnee Alford

Western School of Technology & Environmental Science
Health Science & Technology (HST)
What is HST?
HST is one of the four Allied Health magnet programs in Baltimore County. HST sets itself apart from other programs with its unique focus. HST prepares students for both
a college education
a career

Physician Assistance
Emergency Care
What makes HST stand out?
HST does not focus solely on Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) certification. So, you will leave the program ready for careers in many healthcare areas:

What careers do HST students pursue?
1. Internships

2. AP Classes

3. Community College of Baltimore County
(CCBC) Co-enrollment
Tell me more about Internships...
In their junior and senior years, HST students receive hands-on training in real healthcare settings. You work in many hospital units:
Child Psychiatry
Radiation Oncology
Adult Surgery
VA Prosthetics
Physical Therapy
Tell me more about AP Classes...
HST students can earn up to 33 college credits by taking AP classes at Western Tech. In their senior year, many HST students choose to take AP classes instead of doing a senior internship.

You can choose from a variety of AP subjects:
AP English
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
AP Economics
AP U.S. History
AP World History
How does the CCBC Co-enrollment work?
Fewer HST students choose to take college courses at CCBC-Catonsville in place of the internship or AP Classes.

If you choose this option you could take classes like English 101 or Speech.

All students can qualify for up to 3 credits in First Aid and CPR through HST's partnership with CCBC.
Now that I know about the program features, what do I need to get in?
To succeed in HST, you need strong skills in two key areas:
1) Math and 2) Science.
Photo Credit: James Lee
Photos Credit: Bethany Birago
Photos Credit: Bethany Birago
Photo Credit: Bethany Birago
Photo Credit: Army Medicine (adapted)
Photo Credit: Andrew Huff
So, how do I apply to HST?
To successfully apply to HST you should follow these five steps:
Start Early
- prepare as early as 6th or 7th grade to make a
decision in early 8th grade

Maintain High GPA
- pay special attention to your cumulative
7th grade GPA and the first quarter of 8th grade

Score High on HST Entry Test
- do your best on the math
section in particular

Attend Western Tech Open House
- get a detailed
application packet from HST representatives

Stay Updated on Deadlines
- track key HST deadlines here:


Photo Credit: Bethany Birago
Photos Credit: Bethany Birago
What will I learn once I get into HST?
9th grade
: anatomy and physiology

10th grade
: vital signs, bed-making, first aid, and CPR

11th grade
: hospital unit rotations: pharmacy, pediatrics, radiation oncology, mother-baby, etc.

12th grade
: specialized internship in health area of your choice, AP Classes, or CCBC co-enrollment

The HST curriculum is accredited by the National Consortium for Health Science
HST is the first step to becoming a valuable member on a professional healthcare team.

You will have the skills and experience you need to confidently practice your chosen healthcare career.

Hospitals and other medical facilities value HST students' work because they are adding passion and energy to a field that involves caring for human life.

Start your future in healthcare with HST

This could be your future team....
Photo Credit: Justin Taylor
Photo Credit: Harbor Life
Photos Credit: Bethany Birago
How do I get more information about HST?
Visit the HST home page:
Visit the Baltimore County Public School, Office of Magnet Programs website:
Thank you for viewing this Prezi presentation. Good luck with your future educational and professional goals!
Here's a snapshot of what you'll learn
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