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Animal Project for fourth grade

By: fourth graders

michelle chang

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Project for fourth grade

My Animal Project

There are many animals in certain places. They are all put into groups. Imagine the simplest living thing being divided into a group! WOW! The rest of the presentation is about certain groups in the kingdom of animals. Please ENJOY!
P.S. The thing I wrote up there is the INTRO!
Endangered Animals
Threatened Species

Invertebrates are animals that do not have backbones. Most of the invertebrates live underwater. Therefore I am most likely to tell you one invertebrate that lives underwater. I think I should tell you about one of the animals that live underwater. The animal that is the simplest is the sponge . The thing about the sponge is that the sponge is used for healing people's skin. So says so in the book Turtle in Paradise. The next invertebrate: the sea anemone and the jellyfish, I believe. Oh! Also in that group includes a hydra. The next group is mostly flatworms like marine flatworms and also a animal called a planarian. These live in water or inside other animals. Then the next group, roundworms nd hookworms come along. Then aftr that the earthworms come along. Then snails, mollusks and octupuses. Then comes insects and crabs and lobsters, you name it . Then the pretty little starfish comes along. That is all the groups of invertebrates, I believe.

What is the type of species with backbones? You ask your friend who is right next to you. You have just defined what a vertebrate is. We have backbones, so we, humans are part of the vertebrates group. The simplest kind of fish is called a lamprey. It looks more like a worm than a fish. However it is included in the vertebrate group. The next two are made of cartilage instead of bones: they are sharks and rays. Next up comes the bony kind of fish. Just fish, but bony. Then comes the amphibians which include salamanders and frogs. Then the reptiles. Including the very scary crocodile and alligator. Then the birds come along. And next comes the last group: the mammals! That is our group. ( Do not forget that whales and dolphins are in the group mammals, too. Not the fish side.)
About the Author
Our Animal Project
By: Michelle Chang and Rachel Lee
The End
Do You Have Any Questions?
Class 4A

Endangered species are species that are close to dieing. They MUST be saved . This is because the next step after endangered species is extinction. The photo on the right of the title is a picture of a sirenia. It is the ancestor of a manatee and a dugong. However, even though we can still see the decendents of the sirenia, we must protect the sirenia. It is illegal to hunt the sirenia. They are known as endangered species worldwide. The low reproduction of the sirenia makes it hard for the population of the sirenia to grow.

Threatened species are animals that are close to endangered species that are basically 2nd of the species list. One example is the bald eagle. It is a threatened species. It went all the way down to endangered species and it went up back to threatened species due to a ban in DDT poison by the government. ( It went down because of DDT poison which made the eggs weak.
The author of the presentation was basically done by Michelle Chang, and the poster- like fence with drawing done on it was done by Rachel Lee. This work was very hard work. Michelle Chang is kind of sorry for the introduction. Rachel Lee is okay with everything. We wrote this presentation to show how animals are divided into groups in many ways. Some groups are endangered others are threatened. Let's protect the animals!
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