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Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

No description

Victoria Padovan

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
Victoria Padovan

The story starts out with Scott (main Character), Patrick, Kyle and Mitch heading home from playing basketball, it was the last day of summer and they were going to start their freshmen year. The next morning Scott recognizes some people that he used to go to school with. Then he sees Julia, a girl he used to be friends with but after a few years they stopped talking, he fell in love with her. When he gets to school and sees his schedule he notices he only has one class with one of his friends. School is then over and he goes home, while they were having dinner his parents were acting strange.
Begging Continued
He asked his parents what was wrong and his mom said she was pregnant. Scott was surprised when they said this. His parents asked if it was ok with him, he was so shocked he said it was fine. When Scott got back in his room he started writing a letter to his sibling. He did this because he wished that his older brother would have given him some advice.
A couple of weeks past by and Mitch got a girlfriend and ditched the group, and Patrick had to move away to Texas because his dad got a job there. There was also a new girl in Scott's class, Lee, that had piercings everywhere, she freaked him out a little. Scott heard Julia and her friends talking in English about the school paper so after school he singed up so he could be with her. He always tried to do anything Julia was involved in so he could get her attention.
Middle Continued
One day when Scott was going to the Principals Office to give the secretary a paper he met Wesley, the biggest bully in school, they started to hangout more and Wesley would sometimes drive him to school. Scott also became friends with someone unexpected, Lee, they actually had a lot in common. Scott was starting to get annoyed with all the baby things and getting prepared for the baby.
The end of the year was coming and a dance was coming up. Lee asked Scott to go with her just as friends. He asked Wesley to pick them up and he showed up in a limo. When Scott got off to pick Lee up all her piercings were gone and her hair wasn't green anymore and Scott dyed his hair red before the dance. On their way to school they see Scott's parents with the car broken down and Scott says to stop the car, his parents told him his mom was about to have his brother. They drove to the hospital way over the speed limit. They dropped his parents off and headed to the Dance.
End Continued
When they got to the dance Scott and Lee were dancing and everyone stared at them but they didn't care. Later Scott saw Julia in the corner so he asked her to dance, they started talking and Scott found out that she had liked him all this time, they both thought they forgot about each other. That's why they never talked. After the dance Wesley, Scott and Lee drove to the hospital to visit his new brother, Sean. At the end of the book Scott finishes his survival guide for Sean. Scott survived his first year of high school.
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