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Earth in Space

No description

Leigh Chapman

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Earth in Space

How Earth Moves
Read p. 10-13 in your Astronomy textbooks.
Answer questions 1-4 on your note-taking guide in COMPLETE SENTENCES

Afterwards click ->
The Lunar Phases
Click next
Earth in Space
How Earth Moves: What causes Day and Night

Click the right -> arrow button to go to the next slide to see what activities your are doing



1.What are the 2 main ways Earth moves through space?
2.What are scientists referring to when they talk about the Earth’s axis?
3.What is another word that means rotation?
4.What is another word that means revolution?
5.What causes Earth’s day and night?
6.Explain what is happening when it's night on Earth according to the video about Day and Night.
7.What does the Earth revolve around?
Congrats you are done. Turn in questions to your teacher :)
ONLY WATCH THE FIRST 3min video CLIP About How the Moon Was Formed. Not the the other clips that will load.


Answer questions 7-10.
Then ->
1st: Read p.7 in Astronomy Science Explorer
-Fill in the notes on your study guide for questions 1-3 ONLY and then.....

After you've read in your textbook, Click your -> button :)
Open link to view video about Day and Night and then click right arrow button.

Click your
Right ->
button :)

2nd: Visit this link and read about Rotate VS Revolution. You may do the Simon Says game at the bottom, if you like. We will do it as a class. Then answer questions 1-3, 2 & 3 are based on the picture of the Earth and the moon.


Afterwards...Click your -> button :)

Using the T-chart on your Note-taking Guide do the following for Rotate VS Revolve:
1-Write a synonym for Rotate & Revolve (What is the Earth doing?)
2-Write how long it takes for the Earth to complete a rotation & a revolution
3-State what Earth's rotation & revolution cause on planet Earth
4-Illustrate (draw) what it means if the Earth is rotating and when the Earth is revolving (don't forget to draw the axis)

Watch the video that follow this slide :)
Click your -> button :)
Click your right -> arrow button afterwards
You can zoom in to read.
Then Click -> to watch a
video about it.

Turn in study guides to your teacher :)
Read this article on what
caused the Earth's tilt.
In a paragraph, describe how Kim Yuna's skating routine is similar to the Earth's rotation.
In a paragraph describe how speek skating is similar to the Earth's revolution.

Create any style foldable or just write in notebook
Lunar Phases vocabulary.
In your Astronomy textbook read pages
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