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Frankenstein - Chapter 24

No description

Ashley Ford

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Frankenstein - Chapter 24

Frankenstein Plot -Victor vows to pursue the monster until one of them dies -Victor is convinced that
the spirits of his dead friends and family help him through his hardships. -The monster headed north towards a northern sea, which he began to cross. Both Victor and the monster had purchased dog sleds for the journey. -Witnesses said that the monster came heading north and took their winter food supply. -Victor pursues the monster but he loses sight of him and the ice breaks around him, forcing him to seek shelter. -Victor spots the ship and
makes ores out of his sled to paddle towards it. -Once aboard the ship Victor tells Robert Walton his story, then dies. Before dying, Victor asks that if Robert were to see the monster, that he'd kill him -A sound awakens Robert and he finds the monster looking at the corpse of Victor. -Robert does not kill the monster, and the monster informs him that without Victor alive for him to seek revenge on he had nothing to live for and planned to kill himself. He also confesses he suffers from guilt due to his crimes. -The monster jumps out of the ship and disappears. Conflict Person vs. Person
-Victor wants to get revenge on his creation and won't stop until one of them is dead.
Person vs. Nature
-Victor struggles to cross the sea.
-Victor dies of his illness.
-The ship must turn back because they can't get through the ice. Person vs. Self
-Victor mourns the loss of his family and feels responsible for the murders.
-The monster feels guilty for his crimes. Characters Victor
-Scarred emotionally by the loss of is loved ones.
-Wishes to die to end his guilt but first seeks revenge on his creation. Monster
-Consumed by guilt because of the murders, they only worsened his pain.
-Rather die then to return to his life of alienation.
Robert Walton
-Very attached to Victor, forgives him for the mistakes he has made.
-Sympathizes with the monster's struggles. Setting Northern Europe
-Area where Victor must
follow the monster.
-Harsh climate chosen by the monster to make Victor's jounrey hard.
-Mood is angry and vengeful. Northern Sea
-Stormy, winter weather.
-Weather reflects the emotions of Victor and the monster. Ship
-Calm oasis for Victor, shielding him from the weather.
-Mood is sad because Victor dies, and the monster is still hurting. Stylistic Devices Simile
-"My rage and vengence returned like a mighty tide" (Shelley 184).
-"Roarings like thunder were heard in the distance" (Shelley 192). Pathetic Fallacy
-The harsh weather reflects Victor's angry, vengeful mood. (Shelley 184). Hyperbole
-"Mountains of ice"
(Shelley 190). Irony
-Victor used to be in control of the monster because he was his creator, but now he has lost control because the monster is more powerful. Theme -A vengeful mind can impair one's ability to have a clear conscience. -The monster becomes so obsessed with getting revenge on Victor, that he does not listen to his conscience.
-This causes him to murder Victor's family and friends without thinking of the consequences, then having to deal with his guilt. Point of View -First Person
-Victor telling his life story, then Robert repeating it in his letters. Guess who this character is. THE END Chapter 24
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