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Link Crew

No description

melissa bowen

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Link Crew

Link Crew
Welcomes the c/o 2018

Who is Link Crew?
Link Crew is made up of some of the best Junior and Senior students at North Salinas High School.

These students have applied to be in the program and have participated in Link Crew training.

Link Crew students are thoughtful, caring, and want to see all Freshmen succeed!
Freshmen Orientation
Freshmen Only Events!
Link Crew will host several events that are free to ALL freshmen throughout the year

Events include:
Fresh Fridays
Football Tailgate Party
Movie Nights
End of yr. BBQ
Academic Follow ups
and much more!
See You Next Year!!
We look forward to making your first year at North Salinas High School a successful and memorable year! Class of 2018 Rocks!!!

Link Crew
What is Link Crew?
Link Crew is a mentor ship program designed to help freshmen students connect and adjust to high school life through real peer relationships.

One of our biggest events is the freshmen orientation. Freshmen Orientation takes place a few days before school starts in the fall. You will be receiving a letter in the mail during the summer that will inform you of dates and times.

On this day you will:
meet your Link Crew leaders
participate in some really cool activities
receive your schedule,
sign up for a locker,
take your id. photo
take tour of your new school.
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