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Ethinic Groups of Africa

No description

heather ward

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Ethinic Groups of Africa

Ethnic Groups
of Africa Two Groups of Arabs Arabs Ashanti Bantu Swahili How diverse are
the religions among the ethnic groups? 1. Settled Arabs: live in urban areas
2. Nomadic Arabs: travel from place to
place in the desert
WHY? -Live in Northern Africa
-Mostly practice Islam
-Speak Arabic
-Most practice Islam, some
Christianity - Found in Western Africa
-Mix of supernatural and spiritual
-Believe nature has souls
-Family is of great importance
-children inherit flesh and blood from mother and spirit from father -East African coast from southern
Somalia to northern Mozambique

-Practice a strict form of Islam and also
believe in spirits called djinns -more accurately
called a language group
-spread throughout
sub-sahara Africa
-trade empire collapsed
in early 16th century -learned how to work metal, produce
more food, population grew
-spread out and assimilated with the
people groups they encountered
-variety of religions
-over 180 languages spoken in Africa
are rooted in Bantu Bedouin Home Believe the Mystical Golden
Stool came down from heaven
and protects them -Swahili use trances to speak to djinns.

-The men wear amulets around their necks with verses of the Koran in them for protection.

-Teachers and prophets of Islam are allowed to be spiritual healers
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