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My Personal Shopper

No description

Nicholas Lau

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of My Personal Shopper

Alexandra Long
Ara Josefsson
Erika Nothnagel
Marisa Lopez
Nicholas Lau My Personal Shopper Big Idea The October 1, 2012 Product Description Value Proposition Competition Smartphone App – 3 Tabs Tab 1: Celebrity Looks for Less Tab 2: Bundled Discounts Tab 3: Virtual Closet Celebrity “look-alike” outfit made from clothing/brands that can be found at TJX stores A list of the different brand names typically found in TJX stores
“Bundled Discount” Uploaded pictures of what you have purchased appear on your virtual closet
Option to upload to social media sites (twitter, facebook, instragram)
#tjx What Differentiates It? Heightens the “treasure hunt” Allows customers to bring the
shopping experience home with them Ability to share with friends
via social media sites Easy to use Discounts New Ideas Consumer generated advertising Brings TJX to the smartphone world Reaches a wider demographic Enhances the “treasure hunt” shopping experience ...Stores that are geared towards selling high end name brands at lower costs SWOT Strengths:
advertising for TJX
adds to treasure hunt experience
discount bundle provides consumer incentive
we don’t have to outsource app making
adaptable Weaknesses:
Hard for us to multitask
New idea- unforeseen problems
Could take a while to start up and be used to full potential
Young company Opportunities:
Gateway to e-commerce
Heavy advertising through social networking
Reaches a wider demographic
Stronger online and smartphone presence Threats:
Other stores that
have similar apps
Online security
Hurting economy analysis Q&A Time Social media Strengths:
Advertising for TJX
Adds to treasure hunt experience
Discount bundle provides consumer
We don’t have to outsource app making
Adaptable Strengths:
Highly adaptable
Small and flexible business
No outsourcing
Young company- target audience
We are 18-24 year-old demographic
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