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The Boys Of Winter

No description

Spencer Lukas

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of The Boys Of Winter

The Boys of Winter
By: Spencer Lukas Plot The Boys of Winter is about the 1980 USA Olympic Men's Hockey Team. The team was a group of spirited college hockey players that did not know each other much at all. After 8 months of grueling practice, Coach Herb Brooks and his team flew from Colorado Springs, CO, the USA Hockey Headquarters, to Lake Placid, NY where the 33rd Winter Olympics were held. USA was a long shot to win more than two games. They ended up going 3-0-1 in the round robin play, making it to the Semi-Finals. They had to play the Soviet Union, a powerhouse dynasty in ice hockey. One day prior to the start of the olympic ceremonies, USA played The Soviet Union at the Madison Square Garden and USA lost 10-2. The next time the two teams met on olympic ice, it was a little different. The momentum shifted and USA ended up winning 4-3. Captain Mike Eurozione played with a vengeance and scored late in the 3rd period to put USA on top. This game forever became known as the "Miracle on Ice" and reporter Al Michaels called this the greatest sport spectacle of the 20th Century. In 2004, The movie "Miracle" was released. Read The Boys of Winter for more information on this amazing sports spectacle. Text-to-Text I would recommend this book to the Greek God, Hermes. He must have been athletic because he always ran from place-to-place and the Men's Olympic Hockey Team was very athletic. I would also recommend this book to him because I think he would like that the game was rough. He and his brother Apollo detested each other, were always rough and liked to brawl. The last reason I would recommend this book to him is that it is a short enough book to read in a couple of days. Hermes would want a book like this because he is always sending messages from god to god. Text-to-Self I can easily relate to this book personally because I play hockey and I have been to Lake Placid. I even got to play in a tournament on the same exact ice that the Miracle hockey game took place on. That was a very fun experience. A character in the book that I can relate to is Mark Wells because he was born and raised in Saint Clair Shores. He also played for the Saint Clair Shores Saints, the team that I play for now. Mark and I are also much alike because he was a proficient right winger and so am I. Text-to-World I decided to use the song "Sirius" by: The Allen Parsons Project as the theme song for this book. I decided to use this song because it was written in 1980 and it was customary to play this song when the Olympic Hockey Team went on the ice before the Semi-Final game. I also used it because it really pumps you up and gets you ready for a big game. Trailer for Miracle Here is the trailer for the movie "Miracle" (2004) The 1980 Miracle Team USA Olympic Captain, Mike Eurozione Saint Clair Shores native, Mark Wells USA Olympic Coach, Herb Brooks
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