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qwerty asdf

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of hedonest

WHAT IS HEDONIST Hedonist is artisan chocolate and ice cream they sell chocolate bark, truffles ,hot chocolate mix, carmals,ice cream,and are experimenting with toffee. hedonist is located in the south wedge and you can also order online.they handcraft all of their chocolates and try to get all matirials locally. by scheherazade conde HOW IT STARTED tHE FOUNDERs of hedonist artisan chocolates Jennifer Posey and Zarha Langford moved from California about 8 yrs ago and relized Rochester had no artisan chocolates.they knew how to make chocolate so they put together a chocolate company.all they still needed a name. they were telling people all about it when some one said are you two a couple of hedonists and they new their name. the original buisness originnaly jenn and zara only sold chocolates in a building that was in an alley and very hard to find. they originally sold truffles and normal chocolates. in 2011 they expaned the building but had extra space so they decided to create ice cream to. they also have chocolate orders online. they are also expirementing with toffee. why pick hedonist The employees all wear hats they buy as many matireals as they can locally they dont have to many emplayes and all of there employees are nice how they come up with it the head chef creates a new flavor by expirementing with different foods then all the emplayes try the flavors.they have many unique flavors. they even made corned beef and cabbage as a dare. at hedonist they have good quility ice cream and chocolates they have many unique flavors and disighns on thier chocolates its in a good nieborhood 674 south ave rovhester ny open 10 to 9 expanding the end
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