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French Indirect Object Pronouns

Project/ lesson plan to describe and teach french grammar of indirect object pronouns

Anna Millen

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of French Indirect Object Pronouns

Indirect object pronouns Indirect object pronouns are the words that replace an indirect object and can only refer to an animate object. Direct and Indirect objects Indirect object pronouns are usually in a sentence that also has a direct object.
Although direct and indirect objects can be any noun, In french indirect object pronouns can only be an animate object. "I gave a book to her."

Her is an example of a pronoun, and in this case it is an indirect object pronoun.
The direct object is the book. "J'ai lui donne une livre" Direct object Indirect object(pronoun) Double object pronoun flag me le lui y en
te la leur
nous les
vous Both direct and indirect Only direct Only indirect J'ai le a donne lui. I gave it to him. Activity 1 1. J'ai jete une balle a Julie et Marie.

2.J'ai Parlé à Adam. Answers: 1. J'ai leur jete une balle.

2.J'ai lui parlé.

3. Lui placer couveture Correct each sentence so that the indirect object(s) are pronoun(s)

Example: J'ai donne une livre Jamie.
corected: J'ai lui donne une livre. Elle m'a ecrit she wrote to me She brought it to me Examples:
-shows placement; isn't part of color coding French indirect object pronouns are usually placed in front of the verb. In English and French, an indirect object can be animate or inanimate. However, an indirect object pronoun can replace the indirect object only when its an animate noun(person,animal).

When you have an indirect object that is not a person or animal it can only be replaced with the pronoun "y".

Fais attention à lui - Pay attention to him

Fais-y attention- pay attention to it Inanimate indirect object pronouns In french, " à " plus a person can usually be replaced by an indirect object pronoun. J'ai donne une livre à Julia.

J'ai lui donné une livre Anna Millen and Annalee Dejesus
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