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Quarter 3 Book Project - Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

No description

Ashlee Brown

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Quarter 3 Book Project - Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Imagining Setting Do you think this book could take place 100 years from now?
I believe that the book is able to take place 100 years in the future. I think the technology would (of course) much more developed than it was in the time the book took place in.
I think that the character's powers would also be more advanced as well, as the main characters are genetically modified (they have avian DNA). Evaluating Cause and Effect 2 I think the book, more specifically the end, would have changed because if the setting and the way Max found out that Jeb might be her father because the place she was in at the time was when she was freeing other mutants and she killed Ari, who might be her brother. I think if she didn't kill Ari or wasn't freeing mutants, she would have never found out anything because the place her and her friends were in was an Institute where they found files on their family and their locations. By Ashlee Brown Quarter 3 Book Project-
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Analyzing Theme I believe that the theme in this story could be a to always stick and protect your friends no matter what, and always stay together. I believe that these two can be themes for this book, though I think that the one above is best for the book. I believe this theme applies to the book because the book is mainly about rescuing an adoptive family member of the main characters, and how the main character's job is to protect her 'flock' (her adoptive family). Evaluating Cause and Effect The three most important events in Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment are when Angel is kidnapped, when the flock goes to the institute and finds their information (birth names, parents, home towns), and when Max finds out that Jeb might be her father. If the way Max found out that Jeb might be her father was different, I think the area in which she was in or what she was doing at the time would have definitely change the way the book ended.
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