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The source of the play

No description

Jas Tha

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of The source of the play


. Took the thorne after killing his cousin, King Duncan

The Real Macbeth
Holinsheds Chronicle
Whats is it: A book that contains the history of England, Scotland and Ireland
King James
GunPowder Plot
1605 a group of people attempted to blow up the house of parliment in london, killing king James. In order for them to achieve this, they placed barrels of gunpowder in the basement, however the plan failed on Novmeber 5th.
Events that inspired Shakespeare to creat Macbeth

The Biography Channel Website


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Sfinas Brian
Aug 3rd 2009
ShakesSpeare's Relationship with King James I

Barrow Mandy
History of the Gunpowder plot & Guy Fawkes Night
How ShakeSpear used him
. Shake Speare based the
fictional Character
Macbeth off MacFindLaech
Name: Macbeth/McFindLaech
Occupation: Military Leader/ King
Life: 1005-1057
Place of birth: Alba, Scotland
Place of death: Lumphanan, Scotland
How ShakeSpeare used it
. Borrow events to creat the plot of Macbeth
e.g The three witches are based off the three "goddesses of destinee" in holinsheds. However he transformed then into ugly hags to create a more sinster role.
. Based character off real life people, and tweaked their personality to fit into his story
e.g In Holinshed, Macbeth is a ruthless and valient who ruled skillfully after killing Duncan.
Duncan in Holinshed was shown to be a young and weak man, compared to shakeshpares interpretation being a kind elderly king.
The play MacBeth was tweaked when the new king asscended onto the thorne. ShakeSpeares play was designed to gain the king's favour, thus generating more wealth for himself.
Changes Made
.King James was highly intrested in witches and witchcraft. The three witches was created to please him.
. According to Holinshed, Banquo is traitorous and dishonorable. However in the play he was noble and kind. Banquo's true character changed, King James is belived to be a direct descendant to Banquo.
The Motive
The reasons behind this devasting plans of destruction is simple, they wanted change. When Queen Elizabeth 1 was in power, she created a few law against the roman catholics.
The catholic hope that when King James 1 come's into power, he would abolish these unjust laws.
Sadly he didnt, instead he made the laws much more harsh.
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes was the main man behind this infamous plot. He was the reason why the plot failed and was the only one caught during the night of operation. On Novmenber 5th, Guy Fawkes job was to keep watch of the barrels of gunpowder and to ignite the fuse. Before the explosion could occur, soildiers discovered Guy hiding in the callar and arrested him. He was tortured and questioned, and soon the news about the plot spread.
When the gunpowder plot was brought to light, treason was the on going topic on everyones lips. The though of King James almost being assassinated gave Shakespeare the idea to create Macbeth. This plan was to show the people what would happen if the king was accutally killed, intented to install fear and saddnest into the hearts of viewers.
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