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Business: The Understanding on How We Function

The understandings of businesses sometimes seem complex.This Prezi explains the elements that make a good business.

Ujjwal Nambiar

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Business: The Understanding on How We Function

Please note that I am not part of a business: I am expressing what I know and think. Business The amazing places that create, discover, and make the world a better place. But as daily life comes on, People begin questioning the aspects.... Of what really makes a good business. It's a hard question to answer. It takes real guts, brain, and a commited crew of hard-working people to create such revolutionary products. Google Chrom Google Chrome took flight quick and put the best it could to use to create one of the best browsers ever. WSJ is also a signature example. Fundamentaly, all the time, people can make a business that changes... EVERYTHING. Well, let's find out from MY perspective. Number 1: Perseverance A plant does not become a tree
that quick. You must slowly take care of it. providing it with the substantial ingredients to keep it healthy. The same is true with businesses. It might die, but you must keep trying. Your business will start off small: It always will. The CEO, the soil of the plant, must nourish his business and make sure that the business thrives. That way, the employees are supported and the business will succeed. The leaves might fail... but if the soil is strong enough, it will stay and continue to grow until... it turns into a beautiful tree. Number 2: Goals Businesses usually are made for one reason: Make solutions or products that make life easier. Businesses always have goals. A business without goals can't make a solution or product to increase the happiness of everyday life. Because humans wants life to be easy. They want their life to speed up and have fun. So, in that point we can all make sure that a business always has goals . Number 3: Creativity No creativity, nothing interesting, not worth doing. The thinker must literally eye the problem... and use his/her brain to solve the problem. Because the brain is the control center. And that control center leads to many interesting things. wHICH CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING. Number 4: Resourcefulnes If you have a gold bar... what can you do with it? Making the best... with what you have.. is essential in a CEO's blood. Taking advantage of what they had has made Many people successful. Number 5: Follow the Design Cycle.... Following this will help you out a LOT in business. Number 6: Take ris Have brain. Take risks. Be a good guy or girl in your job. Because having fun is essential in...
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