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How to gain fan attendance at Oakland Raiders home Games

Survey/ Research

Debbie Gambino

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of How to gain fan attendance at Oakland Raiders home Games

How to gain attendance at Oakland Raiders home games Team: Debbie Gambino Major: Advertising Graduation: April 2011 The Problem Over the last 10 years as the Oakland Raiders winning record dwindled, fans have been abandoning their team Raiders Fans are known to be the most loyal football fan in the entire league. There is an underling problem and we must find and fix the broken link so fans can flood the stadiums again. Their stadium ( The McAfee Coliseum, formerly known as Oakland-Alameda Coliseum) has a fan capacity of approximately 63026. Fan occupancy for the last 8 years has only hit an average of 41366 Their attendance is the worst in the entire NFL. If they do not sell out, they “block-out” home games to save themselves money. Capacity Vs Attendance

(please refer to graph) Goal Our goal is to benefit the consumer the best way possible To figure out why fans refuse to buy tickets, and resolve the issues. We want the fans to come back and support their team, their team fed off of the crowd and now that attendance is dwindling, so is their record. We have a goal. A goal where Raiders fans can be reunited, with their team, and other teams will dream of fans like the Raiders once again. Research Audience Posted surveys on Raiderfans.net - Largest Oakland Raiders Fan Community on the NET This was the best choice, most die hard Raiders fans use this website.

I used the forum to attracted as many people as possible. I did not get any outsiders (such as teams fans)

I had a wide array of new and old generation so there would not be generational gap.

The survey was up for 2 weeks. SURVEY #1 Questions Asked 500 Raiders fans If they go to games.
Asked why/ why not
If so why, do you attend( please circle), Crowd, team, cheerleaders, intermissions mini shows, combination?
If not, why ?
What was your best experience? Survey #1 Answers Out of 500 FANS 200 took the survey.

50 were season ticket holders, 50 attended games once and awhile and 100 said they'd never spend money on a game.

When asked why they attend the three main answers were, I love the atmosphere, I’m a die hard fan , always have always will, and if you’re a fan you’d know why.

Mostly all 200 chose combination of crowd and team

When asked why they do not attend top three were, Why go if they suck, it’s boring no ones into it anymore because we all know their going to lose, and I can’t afford it

The top answer for people even if they said they would not attend was painting themselves/ dressing up with buddies and watching the game Survey Number 2 What would make you want to go to a raiders game?
Asked 500, 300 responded If the Raiders would start winning
If it was cheap (not only tickets but food)
If it was more fun
If the crowd got hyped more
If they would stop “blacking out” the games in Oakland Conclusion Through Data From this data, the Oakland Raiders as a company , need to lower their prices about 15 percent to bring the fans into the stadium.

Fans are rebelling because their “blacking-out” games in Oakland

They need to show every home games to regain interest in their “product”

Also this organization also need to use promotions. Also If the crowd felt slightly appreciated they would want to go, they wouldn’t feel bad spending money They also want to be entertained, since their not their for the “winning” they want to be entertained

These fans want to be yelling and cheering, give them things to cheer about. My Contact Email: Dbgmb@aol.com After I graduate I want to go into the creative side. I want to be a Production manager. I want to be on the set making sure everything is what it is suppose to be. I like working in the studios so it would be more fun then work to me and that’s what I want out of a job, I want it to be something I thoroughly enjoy.
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