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Recreation in the Incan Empire

Here, you will learn about games, sports, hobbies, and other things done by the Inca in their free time.

Skyler Pia

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Recreation in the Incan Empire

Inca Recreation
by Matthew and
Skyler The Inca liked to work in their free time. The Maya and Aztecs preferred not to work in their free time. The Inca held cabbage-
eating contests The Mayans and Aztects didn't usually have food-related recreational activities. The Inca celebrated many holidays and festivals. The Mayans and Aztecs
also celebrated a lot of
holidays. Adult Incas liked to gamble
with dice. Mayans gambled over the results of pok-a-tok games. Aztecs loved gambling so much that there was a god
of it, Macuilxochitl. The Inca played tlachtli,
which was played by three
Mesoamerican civilizations. Aztecs and Mayans had also played tlachtli before, sometimes under the name of pok-a-tok. Thank you for watching!

Made by: Matthew and Skyler
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