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Biography of a famous person

Jaclyn Breshamer

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Rihanna

Rihanna Full name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Born: February 20, 1998.
Birthplace: Saint Michel, Barbados.
Where she grew up: Saint Michel, Barbados.
Where she lives now: Los Angeles Rihanna Awards
-5 American Music Awards
-3 Bet Awards
-18 Billboard Music Awards
-2 Brit Awards
-6 Grammy Awards
-4 Teen Choice Awards
-3 MTV Music Awards
-3 Much Music Video Awards
-6 Peoples Choice Awards etc... More about rihanna Life Strtuggles Career -Rihanna struggled watching her father's addiction to alchol and crack cocaine and her parents marriage troubles. When she was fourteeen, her parents divorced. Rihanna as a public image Influences Rihann's Influences are:
Whitney Houston
Bob Marley
Michel Jackson
Marilyn Monroe -In April 2012, she landed at number twenty one in Time Magazines '100 of the most influential people. Special Events Tours
Award Shows
Fundraisers Family History -Rihanna has a mother (Monica Braithewaite) a father, (ronald Fenty) and two half-brothers and two half-sisters. -When Rihanna was fouteen years old, her parents got a divorce due to her fathers alchol and drug addictions. -Between May 2011- 2012 Rihanna earned about $53 million dollars. -Rihanna is also the most popular female on Facebook and has the most viewed videos on You Tube. Music Videos This is a lyric video of Rihanna's new single, 'Diamonds'. Rihanna's career took off when she released her first album, 'Music of the Sun' in 2005. Her other album's are:
-A Girl like Me in 2006
-Good Girl gone Bad in 2007
-Good Girl gone Bad re-loaded in 2008
-Rated R in 2009
-Loud in 2010
-Talk the Talk in 2011 Rihanna's Music Career Rihanna's music career began when she met Evan Rodgers (a music prouder) in 2003. When she was sixteen, Rihanna moved to the United States to prusue her music career.
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