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Alex Gaeta

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Rosemary

By Alex Gaeta and Grace Lee

(Rosmarinus Officinalis)
History of Rosemary
Where its found
Chemical Properties
Uses and Benefits
Rich source of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.
Improving digestion
Enhancing memory and concentration
Neurological protection
Can be used for skin irritation like eczema and joint problems like arthritis
Can speed healing of wounds and bruises
Precautions/ Drug Interaction
Rosemary is possibly unsafe when taken by mouth in medical amounts, also rosemary contains chemicals that are similar to aspirin so rosemary might increase the risk of bleeding and bruising in people with bleeding disorder.

Alex Gaeta and Grace Lee
Parts Used
The tradition of laying sprigs of rosemary across the coffin or upon the tombstone dates back to ancient Egypt, and through the medieval period.Rosemary was also a symbol of remembrance used to honor those who have passed on.
Rosemary originated in the Mediterranean and eventually spread to the United States and Europe.
The leaves and flowers as well as the essential oil are used.
Analgesic – Relieves pain.
Antibacterial – Slows bacterial growth.
Anti-Fibrosis – Balances the body’s fibrosis response to injury.
Used for respiratory problems and helping rheumatic pain.
Helps for digestion, detoxification and ability to clear fat sludge

Ways to Use
Can be used as oil
Can be used in tea/cooking
Rinse for hair
Rosemary leafs as air freshener
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