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My life

No description

Bernat Gonzàlez

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of My life

Summer Holiday's
My best friends
My life
My favourite singers
My fouvorite songs
Duo kie
Swan fyahbwoy
Bernat c
Txarango: Alegre i encantada
I want to live with my wife and my children in a house here in Argentona.

In the future, I'd like to be professional player of futsal but is very dificultt, I'd like to be an engineer.
I'm living in a flat of 140 m2 in Argentona with my father Alfons, my mother Gemma and my sister Aina.

I play futsal at the Olimpic Argentona with number 5 but sometimes I also play for the "selecció Catalana". I play with number 14.
Shield of my team
My bests friends are Bernat C, Oriol,Nacho, and Gerard because I know from young and have always been together.
I was born in Barcelona at Remei's Hospital, the 12th of August, 2002.

When I was young I played basketball in Argentona but I didn't like it and I tried tennis. I played for two years but I got tired and I started to play futsal.
My first school was Cargol treu banya.
When I was young I liked cartoons like teletubbies but I didn't like the sun's face.

I loved tales that my father and my mother read me every night.
Swan Fyahbwoy:Forget and forgive
I go with my family in an apartment. Every morning we go to a different beach.
Last summer we went to see the horses.
In my summer holidays I often go to Menorca and Torredembarra,
Every summer we go to Torredembarra because my grandparents have a house there. I celebrate my birthday in Torredembarra. We go to the beach to swim and play tennis.
The trumpet
I play the trumpet in the Mataro music school, I play in the Big Band, Maresme's Band and the Symphony Orchestra.
5 years old
11 years old
Some summer we go to Lles to climb mountains, we sleep in a tent.
Oriol and me
Dibby Dibby sound
My hobbies
Doing skate
Doing scooter
Listening to music
Playing futsal
Reading books
Enrique Igsias: Bailando
Nicolas Mayorca: Mi canción
Enrique Iglesias
I would also like to go to Jamaica because they have very beautiful beaches.
My future
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