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Linear Programming with real-world examples!

One linear programming walk through.

Jon Smith

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Linear Programming with real-world examples!

With a real world example! Linear Programing The Problem A company manufactures inkjet and laser printers. The company can make a total of 60 printers per day, an it has 120 labor hours per day available. It takes one hour or manufacture an inkjet printer and three hours to make a laser printer. The profit is forty-five dollars per inkjet printer and sixty-five per laser printer. Step One x - Inkjet Printers
y- Laser Printers Step Three. Graph it. Step Two. Set up your equations. Variables x(Inkjet), y(laser)

x+y≤ 60
x+3y≤120 : Labor Hours

Profit: 45x+65y

Identify the variables. Step Four. Insert your x and y coordinates into your objective function to determine the minimum an maximum values of your graph. 45(60)+65(60)=6600 45(120)+65(40)=8000


Minimum: 3300
Maximum: 8000
And that's linear Programming with real a real world example!
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