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No description

Elaine Bu

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of ADDICTION

Why you have cellphone Addiction
Online game addiction is the most common form of internet addiction. It happens when gamers spend hours online, resulting in them neglecting important areas of their lives, including their health, eduaction, work and family. An accident generally spends over four hours at a time gaming and will most likely become pissed off when this isn't possible.

Play online games every day
Play online games when you know should be doing something else.
Play online games instead of socialising or talking to your family or friends.
Think a lot about your game when you are away from it.
Feel nervous or uptight when you are not playing.
Often hear your family or friends complaining that you are always online?
In a new world, anything is possible, distance, space and time are non-issues
Strong sense of community
the allure of gaming is more than just for the fun
Give players a sense of achievement and satisfaction-psychological benefits for players.
What is cellphone Addiction
An abbreviation of “no-mobile-phone-phobia”

Is also called “cell phone addiction.”
Check yourselves
You use your phone in the bathroom.

You feel a brief moment of panic when you touch your pocket and it's gone.
When you meet people with same phone, you can only talk about the phone.
You broke it, and it feels like you lost a friend.
A full battery charge barely costs the day
You have alarms telling you when to do everything in your life.

Individuals suffering from Internet addiction spend more time in solitary seclusion, spend less time with real people in their lives, and are often viewed as socially awkward
Being addicted to the Internet can also cause physical discomfort or medical problems such as: dry eyes, backaches, severe headaches, eating irregularities
The detriment of other aspects of their life, such as school, work, and most importantly, real-life relationships, may then lead to introverted behaviours.
Poor work performance
Connected with daily life

Phone games are attractive

Easily to contact with your friends instead talking face to face
Begin by setting up a plan which stops you from buying video games.
Change your mentality
Limit weekly online game time and start phasing out
Reward yourself if you reduce your playing time.
Find something else to do
What kind of problem will causing
Car Accidents resulting
Tunnel Vision

Less conversation between people
Distractions in school classes and job environments
Pick up germs.

High levels stress for eyes

Lead to cancer

Long term effects on brain, hearing, vision and heart.


Swithcing off your phone might cause anxiety, imatablilty or sleep-lessness.

Feeling loneliness or emptiness when there are no calls or messages even for a short while.

Change in sleep cycle


Poor family interaction
Reference List
People are more addicted to phones

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What's the reason ?
Spiritual emptiness
Bad character
Environmental impact
Academic pressure
Spiritual emptiness
Can't enrich inner world
No life goals
Lack of care
Such as personality lonely, introverted, unwilling to relate to people. When they hearts with contradictions, distressed, they can't resolve. They go to the internet to vent, because they found that the internet is a good confidant. Keyboard manipulation in their own hands on, they can see anything and talk everything.
Bad Character
The Enviromental impact
even a kindergarten child or a retired oldman, also can use the computer expertly. more and more internet cafes coming to our life. For profit, the operators open the convenient door to the children who have not enough ability to distinguish between right and wrong. It is easily to make children loss himself in a dazzling virtual world.
Academic pressure
Under the enormous pressure, most of children loss the curious desire, learning mechanically. It is easy to produce weariness for study, thereby they might be find some intrest on the phone
Nowadays, many people use personal computer or smartphone, they frequently use these digital staff to play online games, they are afflicted to the games. Lots of bad effects are exposed by psychologist and other related organizations. So there is, in terms of psychological benefits, maybe good for gamers. However , in terms of their future, it maybe damage their hapiness or success. So we should advocate that it spends less time on sitting before computer screen to play online games and takes some time to accompy your family or does some meaningful things.
 In now society, more and  more modern technology becomes to our life, at the same time,  life pressure are steadily on the increase,  people are prefer to use the phones and laptops to contact with each other. Even to use the games to relieve pressure. But it is very easy to addicted to games and  internet, unduly use the phones and internets will takes extremely disadvantage.
In mordern society, with techology developing, more and more advanced techological products comeing into our lives
Although those advanced products have provided lots of conveniences, but in actual fact, people, especilly young teenagers can easily addicated to them. such as cell phones and video games
Thesis Statement
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