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All about the London Eye

The worlds largest observation wheel!

Hannah Scothern

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of All about the London Eye

London Eye The London Eye - Was officially opened 31st December 1999 by Tony Blair, the Prime Minister - Although it was opened in December, Public were allowed on in March 2000 - 32 capsules each carrying up to 25 passengers - Each capsule weighs 10 tonnes - The London Eye is located on the South Bank of the River Thames in Jubilee Garden - It was created to celebrate the new millennium.
It was originally called the millennium wheel. - Capacity of 800 people Capsules - On a clear day, you can see as far as Windsor castle, 40km (25 miles), from the London Eye - The London Eye is the world’s largest observation wheel and was designed by David Marks and Julia Barfield Facts and Figures - The London Eye is 135 metres high - There are around 3.5 million
passengers every year - It turns continuously on
average 6000 times per year - The spindle, which holds the wheel structure, and the hub, which rotates around the spindle and was designed on a similar scale to the world’s largest observation wheel. At 23 metres tall, the spindle is around the size of a church spire and together with the centre weighs 330 tonnes - more than 20 times heavier than Big Ben! Spindle of the Wheel - The Wheel is made by 1700
tonnes of steel which is heavier
than 260 double decker buses. Watch the Video - Moves at half a mile per hour taking 30 minutes to complete a full rotation - Instead of being suspended under
gravity, they turn within circular
mounting rings fixed to the
outside of the main rim allowing
an amazing 360 degree
panorama at the top. - The Wheel is made by 1700 tonnes of steel which is heavier than 260 double decker buses. - 135 metres high Extra Information - It took seven years and the skills
of hundreds of people from five
countries to make the London Eye a reality "The worlds largest observation wheel Can be hired out for private events such as weddings! On certain occasions such as New Year, the London Eye has fireworks set off from the ring of the eye! - Sections of the London Eye were floated down the River Thames on pontoons to make the structure. They were then carefully raised by a series of very slow cranes. By Hannah Scothern
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