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10th Grade Portfolio

No description

elizabeth bishop

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of 10th Grade Portfolio

10th Grade Portfolio
History and English(joint project)
Teachers- Mr. Pendarvis and Mrs.Allen
Teacher- Mr. Sickle
Integrated Math 1
Teacher- Mrs. Garrett
Service learning
My service learning is at Murphy Elementary School. I have the 1st grade class and I love working with them. They are so cute! They are a handful, but they are so sweet and they love me. I cant tell you how many hugs i got from them
You can see how much I have improved in math because this time last year I was so behind and it was hard to catch up. This year I have done so much better with math this year. I may have a couple things I need to do more work on but I will not let myself get behind again
I am especially proud of this because you either got to pick being an employer or someone looking for a job. I was someone who was looking for a job. And you had to sell yourself, you did it all. And if you didn't get a job, it effected yur grade. This is one of the jobs I got, for only one of my professions , my other profession got a job too.
Teacher: Mrs.Allen
This piece shows how I take charge of my own learning because we got to pick what to do, and who to speak to. It was totally up to us,and you had to steer yourself in the right direction
Being at this school has really made me more creative. That is because they don't take away from your ideas, they let you do them, and if you fail, they let you fix it. They dont just do it for you. This piece is when we had to make a sail type thing with just the few things they gave you
Curiosity and Imagination
Community and Global Perspective
At this school, they make it a point that you not only do community service, but service learning. it teaches you exactly what and why you are doing these things. I take almost any volunteer job i can because I see that help is needed anywhere you go.
Critical Thinking and problem solving
With the survivor challenges, we had to find a way to make a fishing pole out of limited supplies,solve the brain teasers and all the time doing it as a team.You really had to think fast on your feet because there was a set time, to win you have to work, and that is what this is
Initiative and Entrepreneurship
I am in junior Civitan and the small group I am in is responsible for fund raising, so we've though of ideas of our own to raise money for this club
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