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No description

Andrea Matutes

on 15 May 2016

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Transcript of ANNE FRANK

The Van Daan Family
Monday,23 august,1943
The Frank Family
Anne Frank
Otto Frank
Edith Frank
Margot Frank
Hermann(Mr.Van Daan)
Auguste(Mrs.Van Daan)
Wednsday,29 September,1943-
Sunday,17 October,1943

Between this dates is Mrs. Van Daan´s brthday but Anne tells us too that Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan have been fighting a lot with each other.
Monday,6 December,1943-Saturday,25 December,1943
Friday,29 October,1943-
Saturday,27 November,1943
Monday,27 December,1943-
Wednesday,5 January,1944
Thursday,6 January ,1944-
Saturday,22 January,1944
Monday,24 January,1944-
Monday,14 Februay,1944
Wednesday,16 February,1944-
Monday,28 February,1944
Wednesday,1 March,1944-
Sunday,12 Mrch,1944
Between this dates Anne talks about how she and the other members of the "secret Annex" lived.
Friday,10 september,1943-Thursday,16 September,1943
Between this dates Anne tells us that Italy has been capulated and the relationships on the "Secret Annex" are getting worse.
Between this dates Anne tells us that she had a fountain pe but one day she was cooking and the pen fell on the stove and it melted.
Between this dates Anne gets sick and she tells us about her experience on getting sick in the "Secret Annex".
Between this dates Anne talks about her mom and how they allways have problems with each other.
Between this dates Anne starts talking to Peter and she tells us that they became good friends.
Between this dates Annne tells us that things in the "Secret Annex" have benn boring lately.
Between this dates s Magot´s birthday and Anne tells us what they did and how they celebreted it.
Finally between this dates Anne tells uus that someone stole from the cupboard and they don´t know who
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