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Milner Chapter 4

No description

Kirsten Cyrus

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of Milner Chapter 4

Milner Chapter 4
"Black Male and Female Teachers, Diverse Urban School"

"It is my job to concentrate mostly on students' test scores and to 'close the achievement gap'."

Color Blindness
Cultural Conflicts
Myth of Meritocracy
Deficit Mindsets/Low Expectations
Context-Neutral Mindsets
Mr. Jackson:
Black Science Teacher
at Bridge Middle School
Culturally Responsive
"...focuses on the learning strengths of students and mediates the frequent mismatch between home and school cultures."
"'Those' students need to adapt and assimilate into the classroom culture of my classroom and accept the consequences if they do not."
(Milner, pages 42&44)
(Sadker/Zittleman, page 80)
Teacher for 7 years
Deep love for music which he incorporates into his teaching
Knowledge of pop culture
"Mr. Jackson's interaction with his students was never forced, and he seemed to naturally stay current and relevant with his students."
(Milner, page 110)
Jackson's Teaching Regarding Race
Stressing the Value of Learning
Music, Hop-Hop Culture, and Learning
Pop Culture, Teaching, and Learning
Connecting to Students' Interests:

-Develop assignments that relate to pop culture
-Engage in reciprocity
(Milner, page 130)
Introducing Ms. Shaw
Black Social Studies teacher
"You are going to be the social worker; you are going to be the parent; you are going to be the friend."
(Milner, page 107)
Race in the Classroom
Strong community based orientation
Considers all of her students her "kids"
Class discussions focused on link to current day situations
Brought in personal experiences
Multiple Roles of Teachers
"A Nation at Risk"
Social Studies education should...
"(a) enable students to fix their places and possibilities within the larger social and cultural structure; (b) understand the broad sweep of both ancient and contemporary ideas that have shaped our world; and (c) understand the fundamentals of how our economic system works and how our political system functions; and (d) grasp the difference between free and repressive societies."
“We have to go back to our core values. Love and respect for one another, integrity, humility, self discipline, honesty…it’s not that they don’t have that, it’s just that it can be lost in a world where ‘stuff’ matters more than people."
-Ms. Shaw
(Milner, page 142)
Applications to Our Teaching
Stress the value and importance of learning
Immerse yourself in students' lifeworlds
Incorporate pop culture
Do more with fewer resources
Reject deficit notions
Understand equity in practice
Build and sustain relationships with students
Understand power structures among students
Grant students entry into your world
School is a community with family
Deal with the presence of race and culture
Perceive teaching as mission and responsibility
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