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Global Programme for Combatting Wildllife and Forest Crime

No description

Leida Toci

on 16 October 2017

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Transcript of Global Programme for Combatting Wildllife and Forest Crime

West and Central Africa
Here are
some extra assets :

East and Southern Africa
Central Africa
- Trends and Challenges
Longest ruling regimes
Global Trends

Regional level
Way Forward
Presentation of ICCWC Toolkit Reports in Madagascar and Congo
Southeast Asia
Way Forward
Fisheries Crime
Thank you
Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime
Wildlife and forest crime serious threat
Poaching on a global scale threatens survival of most iconic species
Driven by consumer demand and new trends
Renewed international commitments to tackle IWT
Closure of domestic ivory markets
Increased public awareness

Trends and Challenges
Land use and livelihoods
Forestry crime
Marine and fisheries crime
Rapid Reference Guides
Activities and Achievements
ICCWC Toolkit Assessments

Kenya Wildlife Crimes Case Digest 2016
Rapid Reference Guides
Preventing Corruption in Wildlife Authorities
Support to CCP operational units in Eastern Africa
Way forward
Expansion of RRGs
Corruption prevention
Mutual Legal Assistance
Forestry Crime
Marine Crime
ICCWC Toolkit and Indicator Framework
Special investigative techniques
Crime scene and intelligence
Sensitization of judiciary and enhanced judicial cooperation
Trends and challenges
Working Group on Wildlife and Timber Trafficking (ASEAn/SOMTC)
SOMTC Work Programme on Combating Wildlife and Timber Trafficking
GPWLFC in close alignment with SOMTC Work Programme
Approval of key national laws in Lao PDR and Viet Nam
Activities and Achievements
3 inter-regional meetings Africa-Asia held
19 activities in 8 countries
Trainings to 711 beneficiaries from LW, CJS and national wildlife and environment authorities
UNODC Global eLearning Programme:
434 LE officers from 6 countries
Way forward
Mentorship approach to capacity buidling
Enhancing international cooperation - continue to expand the WIRE platform
Wildlife Inter-Regional Enforcement (WIRE) Group Meetings
Strenghten work with SOMTC
Africa Wildlife Forensics Network (June 2015 - June 2017)
Capacity building and coordination for LE
8 countries assisted: Angola, Botswana, Congo, Gabon, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabe
4 wildlife forensics laboratory trainings for forensic technicians

4 wildlife forensic awareness trainings for prosecutors and judges
22 forensic technicians
64 LE officials
36 judiciary
4 countries provided with equipment/forensic
DNA forensic ivory analyses
27 large ivory seizures analyzed
Identification of poaching hotspots
Intelligence to inform LE operations in range states
Fisheries Crime
WL fisheries management authorities proactively manage corruption risks
Continue building simultaneous capacities: diagnostics, capacity-building, development of global tools
Continue collaboration with ICCWC partners
Continue to address different streams of work to create
Elephant massacres, local species extinctions, widespread poaching, illicit trafficking
Wildlife crime & corruption networks
Weak governance, corrupt police and justice
Syndicates remain nebulous
'Follow the money' difficult to carry out
Weak investigative capacity
West Africa
- Trends and Challenges
Ivory trafficking through Nigeria and Togo
Source, transit and destination countries
Timber and non-timber products
Rich biodiversity, incl in waters
Highest levels of illegal fishing in the world
Activities and Achievements
Regional workshop on combatting illegal logging
ICCWC Toolkit implementation in Madagascar
Central African Assessment mission?
Implementation of ICCWC Toolkit in DRC
EU-UNODC Project on strengthening national and regional law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial capacity and cooperation among ECCAS Member States to combat Wildlife crime and trafficking in natural resources (4 year project)
FinGov - Thursday 19 October 2017
Vienna, Austria
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