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Paris Hilton v Hairtech International Inc. (2010)

Business Law

Megan Hull

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Paris Hilton v Hairtech International Inc. (2010)

Britany Irelan and Megan Hull Background Facts Law Ruling on the Case Opinions *2007 - Paris Hilton agreed to wear Hairtech's hair extensions under her $3.5 million contract.
*Publicity for both parties *Hairtech then sued for the breach of the contract due to Hilton's infliction with the law and the absence from a 2007 launch party for the extensions line .
*She wore extensions from another company Settlement is definitely fair
Paris Hilton v Hairtech International Inc. (2010) * The judge dropped the case because information was presented to the courtroom that supported Hilton.

*A settlement was then reach between Hilton and Hairtech. *tried to sue for 10x more than contract agreement ($35 million)
*They claim that they lost $6.6 million dollars in profit
*tarnished reputation
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