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Globalization & Culture

How globalization has changed the perception of beauty.

Leena Khalifa

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalization & Culture

GLOBALIZATION AND CULTURE BEAUTY Globalization has changed perceptions of beauty The economic, political, technological,
and cultural integration of the world made
possible by the advancement of communication,
transportation and infrastructure. Agbani Darego
First black African to win the miss world competition in its 51 year history
She is uncharacteristically thin in comparison to the usual voluptuous physique of Nigerian and African women in general With the advancement of globalization, perceptions of beauty are now falling under a consistently smaller scale. Often conforming to the ideals of the West. SKIN WHITENING Mostly used by Asians and Africans
A survey by Synovate, a market research company, showed that in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Taiwan 4 in every 10 women use whitening creams.
Black market whitening creams with powerful but illegal bleaching agents are selling briskly in South, Southest Asia.
As noted by Darshan Singh, the manager for Malaysia's National Consumer Complaints Center "I have a lot of complaints — with photographs — which show that before the cream is used the face is fine and then after it looks like it's been roasted in the oven,"
COSMETIC SURGERY There are reportedly more nose jobs performed in Iran than in any other country in the world Rhinoplasty is not the only surgical procedure used to morph Eastern attributes into Western ones. Other procedures include: Double Eye Lid Surgery Ilizarov Leg Lengthening Surgery $9 billion a year hair weave industry
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