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Technology to overcome the limitations of sight and hearing .

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Fyrra Tasha

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Technology to overcome the limitations of sight and hearing .

by tasha and fatin technology to overcome
the limitations of sight and hearing limitation of sight A. Blind spot -the point where the optic nerve
enters the retina
B. Optical Illusions
-Caused by disturbances to the impulses going to
the brain
-The brain cannot interpret accurately the information
sent by eye limitation of hearing Definition -the range of sound that human
can hear. 20-20000Hertz
-children have more elastic eardrum.As a
result,they can hear better
-as people age,their eardrum become less elastic. the range of sound that they can detect decreases photos of hearing
devices photos of sight limitation
devices function of devices binoculars -helps us to see
something that are far from us magnifying glass -able our eyes to see
small objects microscope -helps us to see tiny
things such as microorganisms and cells fuction of devices earphones -To direct sound waves from an electronic device such as an mp3, Ipod , or CD player , to the ears without disturbing
others Hearing aids can be defined as any devices that amplify the acoustic signals to a degree that enables individuals with hearing loss to use their remaining hearing in a useful and efficient manner. Stethoscopes are used to monitor and listen to the rhythm of your heart and lungs. also it is used to monitor tree growth and the growth of some fungi. Also a stethoscope can be used as a weapon to defend yourself from enemy people and fungi by swinging it in a ninja like way. stethoscopes were first discovered on the may flower by Ollie Sykes who used it to catch fish Who invented the Hearing Aid ? The first hearing aids were made in the 1500s out of wood so nobody really knows who invented them. They looked like the human ear. By the 19th century, hearing aids were sold in many parts of the world as consumer products. However, the hearing aids of those times were affordable only by the upper class. when was spectacles invented? The first eyeglasses were made in Italy at about 1286.
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