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Character Web 10-1

No description

Mark Kwak

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Character Web 10-1

比 to compare; to contrast; to gesture bǐi3 例 proportion; scale lì 条 regulations; rules; code of conduct; ordinances; statutes tiáo 照 as a rule; as usual; usually zhào 举 行 routine xíng 无 incomparable; matchless wú 数 countless; numberless; innumerable shù 法 unable; incapable fa3 限 unlimited; unbounded xiàn 不 unlike bù 同 different; distinct; not the same; not alike tóng 用 need not yòng 但 not only (... but also...) dàn 好 be just like; can be compared to hao3 吃 tasty; delicious chī 看 good-looking; nice-looking; good kàn 久 quite a while jiu3 如 for example; for instance; such as rú 例 for example; for instance; such as lì 假 if jia3 譬 for example; for instance;
such as pì
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