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Dow Jones: Influence of data on world

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Aditya Samarth

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Dow Jones: Influence of data on world

Influence of Data
in the world 1) A data element is created at every instance, the all pervasive use of Social Media, Mobile and evolution of Smart devices is creating huge masses of data. Influence of Data in
Financial World Sectoral data enables comparisons between different sectors allowing government investment and intervention. Influence of Data
in the Economy The most important use of data and numbers in the political world is directed towards collecting polls for people running for public offices. Influence of Data/Hard Facts
on Political World In a world expanding by the day, data and numbers analyzed by the Census Bureau gives us a sense of the growth of countries in connection to their population in addition to various other metrics. Influence of Data on
Census Bureau Data/Numbers : Reference 2) Hitherto extensive use of Data was seen in Financial, Manufacturing, health care sectors, Government planning and control are equally large consumers of data. " If all data was clear, a lot more people would add more value " - Gilad Elbaz (Founder of Factual) Market and Reference data provided by firms such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones provides key insight into sectoral performances and comparisons can be made. Investment and trading strategies are influenced by such data sources. Investments in Asset Managers and Funds by retail investors are heavily influenced by these comparisons, investors are switching asset classes based on analysis of data sources. NIKKEI FTSE (LONDON INDEX) DOW JONES STOXX EUROPE Regulators and Risk managers are constantly scanning market and transaction data for assessing depth of markets, trends and directions, intervention in the form of circuit breakers, surveillance of trade. Utilities and essential supplies planning often happens based on anecdotal data collected: for instance in India, truck drivers report on progress of sowing operations in farms, level of water in rivers and ponds etc and based on this, Petroleum companies re-align supplies of Diesel Basic concepts like definition of Poverty Line, nutrition levels, obesity, health indices are enabled by easy availability and more importantly the ability to analyze and present the same data. GDP GROWTH Imagine running for President but not knowing how a certain county in Ohio feels about your candidacy or how the population as a whole feels about you. Polls tend to garner voter preferences influenced by certain decisions and pronouncements The importance of data even extends to polling in general. A lot of hard facts and resolved issues are a result of firms like Gallup that collect large amounts of data. Calculating birth and death rates in a certain country is directly affected by the kind of data they receive. A lot of the data and surveys are collected by this organization and posted is used by analysts and other organizations as a REFERENCE for other estimates. Various Census Data Whether its big data companies like Vendor, IBM, Intel etc, major banks or even smaller investment funds, data and numbers directly influences the accuracy and efficiency of the work they output. Do you think David Swensen, manager of the popular Yale Endowment Fund or PIMCO's famous William Gross would be able to post consistent and high returns without the direct aid of data fueled quantitative models or the numbers crunched by their numerous analysts? Data Influence on Polls Data directly influences the quality of polls created to give everyday citizens a basis for judgements. For example, data collected by Gallup after the second Presidential Debate showed polls favoring Candidate Romney more than before. At such a time, Romney was predicted to win. Can be used by various economists to examine the health of the overall economy first by taking a look at the important housing sector Can be used as a reference by the President during budgetary meetings to appropriate the welfare budget Influence of Data in
the Medical World Data is very crucial in the medical world especially during clinical trials of drugs that end up treating thousands of patients. The accuracy and precision of numbers in this field is very important and directly influences the lives of thousands or millions out there in need of a wonder drug to heal their bodies. Major companies working in this field include Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb,Novartis etc. that collect hordes of data and numbers during experimentation and trials. For Example: Pfizer's wonder drug, Lipitor that lowers cholesterol levels has saved the lives of thousands. The success to the creation of such a drug was fueled by the accuracy and proper utilization of data and numbers by the scientists working for Pfizer. To Conclude... In general, data and numbers lead us to reach a consensus and give us a basis for making opinions and judgements. They helps analysts, everyday investors and even ordinary citizens have a reference towards the health of an economy, market or the progress of an election etc. It has an enormous impact on everyone and anyone in almost every profession and directly affects the efficiency and accuracy of the work they do 3) Credible and consistent data sources create a common reference which can be referred to in arriving at decisions, judgements and opinions. 4) Collection, analysis and presentation of data is the new mega trend driving the world. The level of transparency so created is influencing behavior of all participants in the financial world Calculating GDP growth is vital to referencing a country's health compared to others that requires the collection of hordes of data
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