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Creating A Website About Tim Burton

No description

amy watson

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Creating A Website About Tim Burton

Creating A Website about Tim Burton The Conceptual Framework Or you might remember him better in the form of his films... Task The Conceptual Framework is the system we use to analyse the relationships between each of the participating agencies- Artist, Artwork, World and Audience. Remember we answered questions about the Conceptual Framework in our Shaun Gladwell Case Study- http://c3093856.weebly.com/ -Design a great looking website that explores the work of artist Tim Burton using the Art Conceptual Framework.

-Use the agencies to discuss and analyse Tim Burton’s artwork and art practice.

-Your website must feature images of Tim Burton's work and at least one video about the artist and his artist’s practice.

-Your web site needs to show a cover page as well as link pages exploring the relevant information.

-Images and videos must include the artists name, date, title, media used and size of the artwork as well as a link to the site that you retrieved the information. All information, artworks, and videos presented on your website must be referenced. What is the Conceptual Framework? Who is Tim Burton? Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland The Nightmare Before Christmas Charlie and The Chocolate Factory How will you create your website? Using the program: Watch the Youtube video on the next frame. The video will help you build your website Here are some useful websites to help you find information for your site:

Below is an example of how to structure your website- Each tab/ page must be separated using the four agencies of the Conceptual Framework Artist, Artwork, World and Audience.
Remember your website is about Tim Burton this is merely a guide www.weebly.com/ Assessment Task Your website is an assessment task to be completed in class over the next few weeks.The marking rubric and the Assessment task criteria have been emailed to you Remember to use the Weebly Youtube video , the website example provided and the assessment criteria and rubric to assist you in creating your website.
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