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Advait Nisal

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Water

City Water Comparison

The Hudson river is used for traveling, fishing,Navigating, and etc . It is also used for recreaional purpose.
River Hudson
New York
River Ganga
River Hudson
The Hudson river is a river that runs north to south in the eastern part of New York state.

River Ganga
The Ganges is a major river in the Indian subcontinent flowing east through the eponymous plains of north India into Bangladesh.
What is Hudson River used for?
What is the Ganga river used for
Ganaga can well be called the lifeline of india for all the food grains you it(most of it) is becasue of Ganga. The alluvial silt depsoited by it makes it possible to grow crops like rice, wheat, maize etc in the northern part of india. Ganga even marks and reminds us about our hertiage and our connection to religion. Many temples are build on the banks if this humangous river. Moreover , the delta in Bengal has created conditions whcih are essential for mangrtooves(flora) and tiger(fauna).
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