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Man of Steel

Learn about Andrew Carnegie! The man who improve the use of steel and change the world forever!

Mirian Delgado

on 12 July 2014

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Transcript of Man of Steel

Obstacle 1
Steel Empire
Last Competition
Andrew Carnegie
1901- 1919
Rockefeller vs Carnegie
Carnegie's Life
"Man of Steel" Biography
Next step:
By: Mirian L. Delgado
SOC 299 Technology and Society
Ms. Diane Threaddgill
June 27, 2013
Parents: William Carnegie
and Margaret Morrison Carnegie
Married: Louise Whitfield
Child: Margaret
Born: November 25, 1835
Dunfermline, Scotland,
United Kingdom
Death: August 11, 1919
Lenox, Massachusetts
Richest man in the world!
Steel Company
Carnegie and his mentor,
Thomas Scott
(Pennsylvania Railroad)
Mississippi River Bridge 1874
(made of steel)
Improve the use of steel
Competition: Vanderbilt, Morgan,
and Rockefeller
"Men of Steel"
After railroad job
Empire Steel (Carnegie Steel)

Decided to do a company
Tries to make cheap
End up with a lot of $$
Steel = Fordable = Safe
Manger: Henry Clay Frick
Violence battle: Workers vs Pinkertons (at least 10 dead men)
Steel Company
Competition Ending
Sell Company with J.P. Morgan
$480 million (U.S Steel)

Last Competition with Rockefeller
Giving away $$
Carnegie lose (Rockefeller live longer than Carnegie)

1919: Andrew Carnegie die
Donated his money:

Public Libraries
Churches Worldwide
Researching Science
Bring Peace
Thanks for your time!
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