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20 facts about Centaurs

No description

Jonatan Galvez

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of 20 facts about Centaurs

20 facts about Centaurs
1. Their head,chests, and arms are that of a human while the lengs and hindquarters is that ofma horse.
2.There's different types of centaurs like deer-centaurs and dog-centaurs.
3. they date back to 2000 BC in Assyria and in India to 3000 BC
4. Chiron is famous for teaching some of Greek's greatest warriors like Hercules and Achilles.
5. They lived oncMt. Pelion in Thessaly, Greece
6. They are a plague to people around them cause they do horrible things.
7. They are always drunk, eating raw flesh, trampling crops, and raping female humans.
8. Their intellectual parts they inherited from humankind left them ignorant and cunning.
9. They are sometimes hostile towards humans.
10. They are always involved in brawls or battles.
11. Instead of taming their instincts, they are ruled by them.
12. They symbolize violent lust, adultery,brutality,vengefulness, herectics.
13. They even symbolize the Devil.
14. They also represent the struggle between good and evil inside of them.
15. Father of all centaurs is Centaurua who mated with a Magnesian Mare.
16. They are also reffered to as hippocentaur.
17. Chiron has a constellation after him because of his sacrifice.
18. Early Greek Literature doesn't mention anything about female centaurs.
19. In another version of hhow they were created, was that Zeus sent a replica of Hera to Ixion since he was madly in love with her so he decided to make love to the nymph cloud resulting the Centaurs.
20. Centaurs weapons are usually a bark of tree.
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