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Hyperion Data Integration

No description

sarang jain

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Hyperion Data Integration

Source Technologies
Flat Files

MS Excel
Target Technologies

Oracle Hyperion EPM
Data Integration

- Out-of-the-box tool
- Import, Validate, Load, Check
- Ensure mapping constraints
- Provides audit trail
- Enables reconciliation
ERP Integrator
- Out-of-the-box tool
- Extracts data
- Provides drill through
Metadata load using ODI
Hyperion DRM
Hyperion HFM
Hyperion FDM
- Hyperion DRM batch client
- Extract metadata from DRM to Staging area
- Load metadata from Staging area to HFM using ODI KMs
- Custom Logic for Organization by Period
- Update Validation Mappings
- Update all dimensions using one Package
- Part of monthly maintenance
Consolidation Package
- Consolidate-Transform-Consolidate Package
- Extract-Transform-Load-Consolidate Package
- Apply complex business transformation
- Send email notifications to business users
ODI for your reporting needs...
- Generate and mail IR Reports to multiple users
- Generate and mail FR Reports to multiple users

- Trigger Extended Analytics in HFM to create start schema
- Use star schema for custom reports or custom websites

- Custom reports on HFM repository
- Engine for ERPi
A Typical Financial Close Process Scenario...
Manage metadata
Load metadata to application(s)
Load data to application(s)

Consolidation cycle(s)
Generate standard reports
Generate custom reports
Manage Security
Manage historical and planned data
Master data for master data!
Integration in ARM
Hyperion Essbase and Planning
- Too much of master data management for DRM admins?
- ODI to extract hierarchies from required dimensions
- ODI to load the unique entities and accounts to respective master hierarchies
Security for security!
- Managing security structure in a big organization is a complex job
- Imagine relating 5000 security class to 2000 security groups
- It is easier to maintain security groups along with security classes in DRM
- DRM export to create a security file giving security class to groups linkage
The Data Load Process
Out of box:
ERPi uses ODI for executing data load rules and export to arm

Custom innovation 1:
Automate end-to-end AR, AP and FA sub-ledger data load to ARM
Automation of profiles creation process
Custom innovation 2:
Hyperion Planning\Essbase
Oracle EBS\DWH
Client Testimonials
Infinite Solution... Endless Possibilities
Sarang Jain
EPM Data Integration Strategy Lead
Contact: +1-510-328-8458
Email: sarangjain@gmail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jainsarang
Rahul Sane
EPM Solution and Functional Lead
Contact: +1-510-759-3583
Email: rahulsane2003@gmail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rahulsane
Hyperion Planning/Essbase
- Data has been already extracted in Staging area for HFM
- Transform staging area to suit Planning application
- Load metadata from Staging area to Planning using ODI KMs
- Essbase has the same metadata as planning
ODI - extracts and loads data
ODI - extracts, Loads and Consolidates
ODI - Extracts and Loads Consolidated data
ODI - runs calc scripts
Data Load Process
Step 1: ODI extracts data from EBS or Datawarehouse and loads to Planing\Essbase
Step 2: ODI triggers Calc Scripts and MaxL Scripts in Planning\Essbase
Step 3: ODI extracts data from Planning\Essbase and loads it to HFM for Intercompany elimination
Step 4: ODI consolidates HFM data
Step 5: ODI extracts consolidated data from HFM and loads it to Planning\Essbase for reporting requirements
Essbase BSO to ASO Cube migration
Step 1: ODI loads metadata in BSO Cubes just as done for ASO Cubes
Step 2: ODI extracts data from BSO Cubes to staging tables\files
Step 3: ODI loads data from staging tables\files to ASO Cubes
Oracle Hyperion EPM Data Integration
Integration products in Oracle EPM environment - ODI, FDM and ERPi
Standardized use of Oracle Integration Products
Customized use of Oracle Integration Products
EPM Administrators - HFM, Planning, Essbase, DRM and ARM Admins
IT Managers evaluating data integration products
Sales and Pre-sales representatives
Data Integration consultants
About us:
Sarang Jain
Profile - EPM Data Integration Strategy Lead
Email - sarangjain@gmail.com
LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/jainsarang
Rahul Sane
Profile - EPM Solution and Functional Lead
Email - rahulsane2003@gmail.com
LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/rahulsane
Manual Metadata Load Process
DRM is a central repository of metadata for all applications
- Manually extract metadata from DRM and load to HFM
- Manually extract metadata from DRM and load to Planning
- Manually extract metadata from DRM and load to Essbase
- Manually extract metadata from DRM and load to EBS
- Manually extract metadata from DRM and load to ARM
- Manually extract metadata from DRM and load to FDM
- Too much of manual work for DRM Admins?
- Help yourself with ODI Console
- version onwards
- Web based user interface
- Hyperion admin can execute ODI packages\scenarios using ODI console
- Business users too can execute ODI packages\scenarios using ODI console

- ODI Packages\Scenarios are objects in ODI that hold workflow of tasks to be executed in sequence or in parallel as per a business rule
For example: Reports per business unit reflecting journal entries made during the month gets emailed to the users
Simple consolidation package
Complex consolidation package
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